7 Fantastic Ideas To Get Your Car Ready For Spring

It’s officially spring which means it’s time to get your vehicle ready for the warmer weather. Warmer weather also means you might be taking more road trips than usual and maybe a vacation. So it’s important that you take out time to perform seasonal maintenance now, because it will help to avoid trouble later that could cost you money.

Use these simple tips to make sure you have a happy vehicle this spring.

1. Check the Engine & Fluids 

Now that spring is here it’s time to check or have your local shop check your vehicle engine and fluids.

  • The oil will need to be changed, and fluids topped off according to your owners manual.
  • Also be sure to check all the hoses and belts. To do this, gently pull on your belts to be sure they are not loose feeling. If you notice that they do indeed feel loose, have them checked at your local shop. For the radiator hoses you want to make sure the car is off but still warm. Make sure it’s not hot. Then what you do is gently squeeze the radiator hoses. If it feels too soft, it’s most likely time to replace them.
  • Lastly it may be time to change the spark plugs after the harsh winter. If the spark plugs are very warn, this will greatly reduce fuel efficiency.

2. Wash It!

  • Now that winter is over it’s time to give your car s deep cleaning. And spring is a great time to do that. For the inside of the your car you will want to vacuum the entire vehicle out or get it done by a company who does detailing. It will also need a good shampooing, if you have leather be sure to get it treated and don’t forget about the plastic surfaces. To save you some trouble you can just pay a small fee to have it detailed.
  • For the outside of the vehicle you should wash and wax the car. By taking it to get detailed you can also get it buffed, and polished, along with a tire treatment.
  • After a long winter it’s important to remove all of the dirt and such that the snow, ice, and slush have created. Not to mention the salt.

3. Wiper Blades & Washer Fluid 

During the harsh winter months our wiper blades get really warn out from all the snow and sleet. By replacing them during the spring and fall you will be sure you have a clear view of the road. They’re pretty easy to install yourself, but you can always check YouTube videos or take them to a full-service gas-station and have new wipers put on. Don’t forget to fill your windshield washer fluid as well.

4. Schedule Service Maintenance

It’s always important to have your vehicle serviced in regular intervals. Spring is a great time for one. Find out what’s due to be serviced and make an appointment.

5. Check the Tires

Make sure your tires are still in good shape. The cold weather reduces tire pressure, so it’s important to get your tires properly inflated and balanced for the spring season. Not only that it’s a good idea to also get a wheel alignment and tire rotation. Make sure to also examine your tires and get them replaced if needed. Don’t forget if you have winter tires they should be remove to use for next year if they are still in good condition. You can also head on over to Cerritos Dodge and have your vehicle checked out.

6. Breaks and Rotors

During spring it’s a great time to have your break pads and rotors examined, to be sure they are not do to be replaced.

7. Emergency Car Kit

If you don’t already it’s important that all vehicle owners have an emergency car kit filled with safety essentials. You should have such supplies like: first-aid kit, water, flashlight, extra batteries, poncho, blanket, tools to change a tire on a dark, or rainy night. You can add other items you feel fit in the even that you had an emergency.

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