7 Gifts For 7 Days For Week Of Love

Now-a-days gift shops and flower shops are brimming with new products and collections. Not only you, even the market is geared up for the upcoming Valentine Week when the cupid is at its best. Those seven days signify the love and fondness for your beloved. Each day has a different value, each gift has different significance. If you are hopelessly in love, these gifts are bound to cast a charming affect on your partner. Lets go through each day of the week with a gift idea for every one of those days.

  1. Rose Day: 7th February

Ah! The love week begins with the fresh fragrance of roses. Go ahead and hint you love strongly with a bouquet of heart shaped roses. Make them red or if you find your best friend in your love or vice versa, go for mix shades of flowers.

  1. Propose Day: 8th February

The day to pronounce your love to your beloved. If you two aren’t together yet, it is the perfect day to be together. Present her with a heartfelt letter and an indoor plant signifying life. As the plant will grow, so will your love. It is a perfect reminder that as you need to take care of plant to keep it alive, you two have to take care of each other too to keep your love from dying out.

  1. Chocolate Day: 9th February

The name of the day itself signify the gift. Shower each other with the favourite chocolates and have it together to sweeten your relationship with love as chocolate sweetens your taste buds. You can also go for different arrangements of chocolates, like heart shaped arrangement or chocolates in a pot or in a box.

  1. Teddy Day: 10th February

The soft, tender and plush soft toy will be a perfect gift for your girl on this day. Girls do tend to go all mushy with the sight of an amusing soft toy and gifting a teddy, however small or big will make her day brighter.

  1. Promise Day: 11th February

Promises are meant to be kept and on this day, search your soul and gift  a promise you intend to keep for lifetime. Promise something that you will happily do for your partner for the lifetime, promise them the love, promise them the care. Tell them how much you adore them and your feelings will not change through the lifetime and love will only grow between you two.

  1. Hug Day: 12th February

Hug them twice and hug them tight. Squeeze in your love in that one tight hug. Cuddle and watch netflix to commemorate this day. Staying in and snuggling with your partner all day long will be a quintessential gift for your spouse.

  1. Kiss Day: 13th February

Kiss them so passionately that they should forget the whole wide world. Gift them the tender and intimate kisses which should make them swoon in your love.

  1. Valentine’s Day: 14th February

Ah! The day of love has arrived. Shower them with valentine’s gifts all day long. Pick their favourite things and keep gifting them every few hours of the day. Look at them squealing with joy when they realise the thoughts and efforts you have put in assembling gifts for them. Tell them how much you love them because no gift in the world can compete with your love.

Tell us what you gifted to your beloved this valentine week and what was their expression on all those romantic gestures you did for them.

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