7 Great Tips To Help You Sell Your Used Car

As life goes on, and things change we have to update our belongings. To help better experience life and activities. Like getting a new phone, with new apps and features that make your day-to-day easier and enjoyable. Or getting a new car. However some people stay by their 1990 Old’s mobile, but it still only gets about 10 miles to the gallon and the windows don’t work anymore. So you gotta get something new for a change. Before you head strait over to Winner Ford to get a new car you should sell your old one first. Or trade it in with them.

For a first time seller, especially selling a car it can be tricky. Used cars are very popular because they are of course cheaper, and some don’t need down payments, just one flat price. So here are a few tips you can read that can help you get started in selling your used car!


You gotta do some research before you try to sell your car all willy-nilly.  Download some apps that you can sell cars, clothes or appliances, and search websites too. Look up your make and model and see what the competition is. Edmunds.com is a good place to start to find out what your car is worth in it’s current condition. The better condition your car is in the more you can sell it for. If you’re willing to work with someone on the price make sure you let them know in your overall offer. But also let it be known you won’t take any wild low ball offers. Set something realistic.  You drove it probably everyday, you know it’s ins and outs.

2.Do Research 

Along with checking to see how much your car is selling for from others, make sure your make and model is in demand. Check and see what’s selling in your area. If you live in the Midwest and you’re trying to sell a mini car that can’t take to hills or rocky roads, that might be an issue. Make sure you know your car as well. You could be getting questions about tons of things about the car, make sure you know the basics, and try your best to become an expert. The more you know the more you can let the buyer know.

3.Clean it

That’s part of getting a good price. Dirty cars, interior and exterior won’t be bought really fast. But if you put in a little work and make sure those seats are clean, the dust on the dashboard is wiped away, and the wheels are shiny you’ll be off to a good start.


Along with cleaning the car make sure you’ve gone to a reliable mechanic and do a check up. You don’t want to sell a car without knowing if it actually had issues you weren’t aware of. Especially long term ones that could potentially be dangerous to buyers. If it’s something minor, that you may not be able to afford, make it known to buyers. Give them an estimate price that you were given for the fix also, so they can see if they’ll be able to afford it. Some may be a mechanic themselves and can fix it right up. Also if you do get work done, keep receipts to show proof. If you bought a new part that works great, let them know what part and where it was bought. So potential buyers could replace it if needed in the future.

5.Be Available 

Be available to all buyers, buyers that only use email, or only, text or call. Put as much contact info that you can. So multiple people are able to reach you. You also have to expect to get calls and texts at the worst times. But getting back at a timely manner is a plus plus. If you’re eager to sell and someone is eager to buy they want quick responses. Also let them know if they’ll need to come to you, or if you’ll able to come to them.


You are a car salesmen for the time being. Make the car appealing, make the ad appealing, it’s gotta reel people in. Post it on your social media, let your friends know, let your friend’s friends know. Get the word out there, whether it’s on a website or you put in an old fashioned “For Sale” sign in the car window. Also, make sure on the website, you’ve got plenty of pictures. You’re selling to tons of different buyers. Some may like to look at the interior and be sold, some even just need a quick look at the engine and will want it. Give your car a photo shoot. Front, side, and back views. Inside the car, the seats, back seats, dash, everything.

7.Be Prepared
Make sure you have either a paper title, or electronic title. Be ready for people who want to test drive it. Be prepared for any popular asked questions. Have a bill-of-sale ready. Make sure you contact your local DMV, and let your insurance company know if and when you sell the car.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind when trying to sell your used car, don’t forget be friendly, smart and professional!

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