8 Car Accessories You Can Actually Use

Driving is such an amazing experience for people. For some it’s a big step to independence, opening so many doors for them. It’s such a big luxury that allows people to travel, see friends, find new jobs, etc. However, for other people driving can be such a chore, especially if you have an older car that isn’t up to date with certain modern aspects that can make driving easier. Even if you have a suped up car that has every new gadget, it wouldn’t hurt to become friendly with some cool car accessories. Here is a list of some of the most popular, latest, and helpful car accessories that can make driving easier and more convenient.

1. Smart Phone mount. 
Not all of us have a car with a built in GPS, instead of having to spend hundreds on a good GPS, smart phones are the next best thing. However we know how dangerous it is to text and drive, we can’t hold a phone in one hand and drive with the other. That is a disaster waiting to happen. So these handy smart phone mounts that can fit most smart phones sit on your dashboard and open wide to hold your phone horizontally as you drive. Just set up a gps app before setting your phone up in the mount, and the rest is easy (hand-free) sailing or driving.
2. Drop Stop. 
I’m sure we have all been in the stomach-turning moment when you drop something in between the car seats. -Queue the sad music.- Your keys, change, phone, pen, what have you has been sucked into the dark car abyss. Some heroes have created a product called the Drop Stop that is a long black foam type stick that fits between your center console and your car seat. Stopping any important thing from disappearing for the rest of your life.
3. Car charger/blue tooth.
Some of us may already have a separate car charger for our phones and a separate blue tooth or aux cord. But instead of spending extra money to buy them both, you can purchase a 2-in-1 product that can charge your phone and pair with your phone for calls, music or gps purposes. It saves space and time.
4. Car seat organizer.
If you have children this product can be a big game changer. It has a strap that hangs on the back of the head rest of the driver’s or passenger’s seat. it hangs down on long the back side of the seat, and has multiple pockets that you can fill for easy access to certain essentials. If you have kids you can fill it with extra diapers and wipes, toys, snacks. If you don’t have kids you can keep car cleaning wipes, air fresheners, snacks, band aids, extra charger cords, water bottle, umbrella, etc.
5. Car trash can. 
Out to a fast food place? Found some crud on the car mat? Have some old trash receipts? But can’t find a trash can anywhere as you drive? Instead of worrying about where to throw your trash away, or having a car full of clutter, get a mini car trash can that can hook on the bottom cubdy edge on the inside of your car door. With the holidays coming up this can be a great gift for that one messy friend we all know. The one that always has to make room for you amongst their trash in the car.
6. Seat belt cutter/window breaker.
This car accessories can literally save your life. God forbid anything were to actually happen while you were out driving, but you must expect the unexpected. With this item, if you were to get into a car accident and you were unable to undo your seat belt or open the door, this little gadget as a blade tucked away strong enough to cut through your seat belt, and the end can puncture through your car’s door window ultimately freeing you and potentially saving your life.
7. Duster.
Such a cheap little product but it can make a big difference. Over time we can become careless with our car’s cleanliness. Dust can build up on the dash board, near the gauges, on the vents, etc. With a little swoop of the duster it can clean up all the dust in no time giving you a fresh new clean feeling.
8. Back seat pet cover. 
For all those fur baby parents, I’m sure you’ve had to vacuum up pet fur, wipe off slobber, or any other questionable substance your pet has left behind on your car seats. Well to stop the hassle, there are back seat covers, that hang onto the head rests and cover the back seats. Protecting your car seats from your pooch. Some are very easy to clean and to hang up and store away. So before little Spot jumps in for a ride, make sure to protect your seats.
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