8 Helpful Auto Hacks


Driving is a wonderful thing, but most know that having a car comes with some problems, some problems a mechanic won’t be able to fix. But overtime, as a driver you can figure ideas to MacGyver your way through simple issues you come across.

To help you out, here are 10 car hacks, and simple tricks that Don Vance Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram thinks can benefit you on your travels.

1. Defrost icy windows.

With fall already here and winter approaching the chilly weather follows, to avoid using an ice scraper every morning before work or school, plan to park your car facing east, so when the sun rises the heat will help melt the ice. Making your morning a bit more easier.

2. Keep car chemicals together.

Sometimes it can be hard to find a certain car chemical you need, or a microfiber wipe for some dirt. Use a plastic shower caddy to keep all your car chemicals in one place.

3. Stickers.

Whether you want to take off a car decal or to change your registration sticker, to help for a better removal and no sticky residue left over, dampen a newspaper with hot water and smooth over the sticker for 10 minutes. the sticker will peal off easily with little to no sticky residue.

4. Air freshener.

Sometimes store bought air fresheners may seem like they don’t last as long as they say, or the fragrance isn’t as strong and it’s just a waste of money. But with a few bucks you can make your own air freshener that lasts, and you can use any scent you like! All you’ll need is a mini mason jar or a glass salt or pepper shaker. Then, using a candle warmer wax melts, choose any scent you like, put it in the jar and set on your dashboard, poke holes through the cap of the jar and the sun will melt the wax and the fragrance will immerse through the holes making your whole car smell wonderful.

You can also use scented dryer sheets, and rub them on your car seats for a nice fresh smell.

5. Mini trash can

Use a plastic cereal container with a pop-up lid a a mini trash can! Just put a mini trash bag or an old plastic shopping bag for the inside. Over time after going through the drive-thru, or buying things and opening them in the car, you car can soon be a wasteland for small wrappers, crunched up paper, and more.

6. Food warmer

Ordering pizza and picking it up for dinner? Sometimes you can get in an unexpected traffic jam on your way home, to keep your pizza warm or any other take out food you have, turn your seat warmer on so the food stays hot until you get home!

7. Toilet Plunger trick

You might think this is weird, but it actually works. With some small dents, using a clean or brand new plunger to plunge the dent out.

8. Cat litter.

If you don’t have salt on you, kitty litter can be used on icy or slick surfaces to help your tires pick up traction. You can also use kitty litter if your stuck in mud, it can clump the liquid and help you get out.

These are just a few of hacks that can definitely benefit your time while driving.

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