8 Spring Interior Design Trends to Get Excited About

8 Spring Interior Design Trends to Get Excited About

Spring has finally arrived and this is the right time to do some interior redesigns accordingly. This is a season of change, and if you’ve been thinking about doing more than just the spring cleaning for your home perhaps it’s time you had your backyard trimmed, those walls painted and old furniture replaced with new, fashionable furniture pieces that will take your guests’ breath away.

Below you can read some of our suggestions and we hope you will find something for your taste and preference.

Handmade Decoration  

Handmade decorations are a thing this spring and you’ll probably see it in every corner of an apartment, from rugs to curtains, cushions, doors, windows, walls, etc. Just about any part of your home can benefit from this type of aesthetic. It’s simple and modern yet has that rustic, traditional and natural feel, it sort of breathes some fresh air into your space. Feathers, macramé, tassels, or just about any decoration of this type will do the trick and if you are skillful, you can even make them yourself which certainly brings uniqueness and authenticity to the table.

Bright colors

Bright colors are going to be a huge trend this year both in interior and fashion design. You can choose a palette of colors and then plan your whole place accordingly. You can paint walls and even refresh your furniture if you like that. Then you can buy new vases, cutlery, or just about any item in your home and give it a completely new and fun spin. Nothing will set your mood better than waking up in a room full of bright, shining colors on an early spring sun.

Geometric shapes

We saw an introduction of geometric shapes in interior design throughout 2017, but it didn’t go further than rugs or cushions. This year welcomes this type of decoration in its full strength. This year is all about wallpapers, tiles, and artsy designs. Go ahead and feel free to feature geometry in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, it fits just about anywhere.

Spring is green

Yes, you can never have enough houseplants. It’s not just the benefits to your health that count, but plants are also the best way to fill some empty corners and give your home an overall more lively and natural look. Hanging plants are great for bookshelves and high places, some beautiful plants with big leaves make a great company to your tables and corners. You can also get new furniture to go along with this green, white and brown look of nature.

Indigo blues

This another trendy and colorful solution coming this spring and it’s called indigo blues. The name already suggests the idea behind it. You can go all in and paint the whole room choosing one of the shades of blue. But if that’s too much, you can just go with simple yet effective accessories like vases, glasses, bottles, boxes, furniture also. Although you’d be using the same color, the variation here comes from different shapes of the objects. You need different heights and weights, different geometrical shapes in order to fuel this indigo blues style to make your room blossom with beauty.


This is more of an artistic approach to color. Ombre will be one of the popular choices for the spring of 2018. If you translate Ombre to interior design it means that you are going to use shades which go from one hue of the palette to the other, for example: white color near the ceiling which then slowly flows into light blue in the middle, and as you go down to the floor the blue becomes darker and stronger. Ombre can be used for about any item in your home, from curtains, walls, cushions, rugs, wallpapers, furniture, etc. It doesn’t need to be blue at all, pick the one you want and then ensure that your accessories match and supplement the color of your walls.

Touch of gold

This metallic trend has been partially introduced last year into your home through various metallic paint jobs and finishes. But this year, gold has been added to the palette and it is here to give more elegant and decadent touch. Things like picture frames, door knobs, chandeliers, bowls, candlesticks, etc. are a great candidate for this new classy, golden look. You can have a great contrast in a room with golden objects if you use darker paint for walls or deep blue furniture. It’s not for everyone, but it surely adds this majestic and stylized look to your home.

Tropic Decor

This one works well for both indoors and outdoors. Bright and colorful, fun and playful, you can bring all that happy summer feels to your garden. This simple and inexpensive design is pretty easy to make. You can use linen cloth of all bright colors paired with darker tableware to give it contrast. Palm motifs are a thing, and there are some great prints for cushions or table covers. Vibrant and bright colors like pink, yellow or blue are perfect for your backyard summer party.

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