8 Timeless Fashion Pieces You Should have in Your Closet

Wear your diamond studs on your Sweet Sixteen and pass it on to your daughter when you’re in your 40’s. The big difference in having a timeless fashion piece from a trendy item is that you get to wear a classic item for decades without the style fading. Whether you’re keeping your combat boots for women in your shoe rack or you’re saving up even for just one designer bag, you’re on the right track in collecting these 8 timeless fashion pieces.

1. Combat Boots. The perfect pair of boots for all seasons comes in the style of combat boots. What’s great about these boots is that you can wear them with any type of casual clothes without looking out of place. Wear it with jeans and flannel shirt, denim shorts and basic white top, or even with a spring dress and you’ll look adorable. Whether you like them black, brown or beige, you can find affordable ones at Make Me Chic.

2. Designer Handbag. Yes, designer bags are expensive, but having just one in your lifetime is enough. You may get a Balenciaga City or Céline Luggage Tote but nothing beats the timeless effect Louis Vuitton has. Pick a monogram or damier print in Neverfull or Speedy 30.

3. Pearls. If you’re looking for timeless jewelry and accessories, choose pearls. They’re classy plus they’re not too showy. Even if you’re wearing a casual outfit composed of jeans, a simple top and a pair of flats, finish your look with pearl earrings and you’ll look perfect.

4. Black Pumps. For every formal occasion whether it’s a corporate function or a gathering at night, black pumps will be your go-to formal shoes. Christian Louboutin has a wide selection of black pumps, but when you’re on a tight budget, look for a pair that would hurt your feet less and you can see yourself wearing for a lot of times.

5. Little Black Dress. Need I say more? Actually, own not just one but at least three little black dresses.

6. Trench Coat. Even though you live in the tropics, you’ll never when you’ll visit colder climates during a winter trip to New York or even early springtime in Europe. Picking the color of your trench coat is the key. Pick neutral ones like black or beige and limit the tailoring to the classic cut. The length should be long enough to cover your legs or up to your knees. If you’re looking for one, Calvin Klein and Burberry have numerous classic styles.


7. Denim Jeans. This is a no brainer. Even the most feminine girl you know owns a pair of denim jeans. Nowadays, the skinny jeans seem to be a lasting, classic piece than the straight cut. It doesn’t matter if you like them dark or acid washed. Skinny ones look awesome with sneakers, flats, heels, boots and wedges.

8. White Round Neck Shirt. If there’s a top that would look nice on anyone’s figure, it’s got to be the basic white round neck shirt. It’s so easy to style with and it looks plain sexy. Wear pinstripe pants and blazer with it then adorn with pearls for that office look. For daytime, just pair it with your favorite denims or colored pants, throw in a scarf and oversized sunglasses and you’re good to go.

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