8 Tips on Getting Your Car Ready for Fall

8 Tips on Getting Your Car Ready for Fall

The first day of fall has passed, and we’re adjusting to the cool breezy weather, change in the leaves, and a sudden smell of nutmeg is all over the world now. Driver’s need to make sure they take the correct changes to get their vehicles ready for the fall. Coming out of the summer heat and falling into Autumn can be harsh on some cars. Here is a list of things you should be sure to check out to help get your car ready for the new season. 

1. Check/Change wiper blades.
The colder weather can start making window’s foggy, more precipitation in the air, and eve frost. Have clean, new strong wiper blades can help for the coming fall months. So you can see clear and drive properly and safely. Most places fall means rain, having old dirty windshield wipes can be dangerous while driving. Not being able to see clearly through your windshield is a big NO-NO. 
2. Check head lights/tail lights.
After day-light savings it will start to get dark early. Making sure your light’s aren’t fogged up and are bright can help you and other drivers. That last thing you want is to be on a dark road at 5pm, not being able to see 5 feet in front of you. Especially when Halloween is approaching, and there will be children about on the street and side walks. 
3. Make sure heat/defroster function well.
Fall may mean pumpkin spice latte’s, warm sweaters, cozy boots, warm apple cider etc. But to other’s it means cold. All summer you pounded that cool A/C and never gave the heat a thought. Now it is getting cold and the last thing you want is for your heat to not work first thing in the morning before work when the temperature is 10 degrees Fahrenheit.Make sure you test your heat and see if it pumps out hot air and that it stays hot. Check you air filters as well, so chemicals won’t be pumping through as well. Along with getting your defroster checked, to help clear up that windshield for safe driving. 
4. Battery inspected. 
This past summer could have been harsh on your battery. Get it checked, make sure it full charged, there is no corrosion. The last thing you would want if your car battery to die on the way to the family Thanksgiving dinner, and you are the one bringing the pies. People love their pies! 
5. Top off fluids. 
Over the summer, all the heat makes the engine work harder, thus using more fluids to help make the parts move properly and pump the proper fluids to the engine to keep it cool. So go to the shop, get all your fluids checked, or the most important ones, because the levels are definitely low. 
6. Check tires.
Bald tires do not go well with icy or wet road. In the fall, for some people in certain parts of the world it means rain and more rain. Then some cold turning that wetness into ice. Slipping on those icy wet roads can unquestionably cause an accident. Please do not wait, get those tires changed, fresh new tread is better. 
7. Oil Change. 
It is said to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles. Spring and fall are the best times to get it changed. To help prepare for the season after it. 
8. Update emergency kit. 
If you have not put yourself together a car emergency kit, you need to right now. There are tons of websites that can help you add the essentials to your kit to help you in nearly any car related situation. You can also impress and help friends with you kit. Add or restock any items, and check certain ones to see if they still work properly. Can never be too prepared. 
Thompson Hyundai would like to see you safe this fall and to keep your car running good. So go over this list, and get your car ready for the season! Stay safe!

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