8 Ways That Educational Technology Makes Learning Easier

It is inevitable that humankind will try to find as many ways to simplify learning experiences. By utilizing technology, we as a human species have been able to successfully streamline educational learning in as many ways as one can imagine. New uses for technology are discovered almost everyday. The education industry as a whole naturally develops over time as these new findings come to our attention. Your age is not a factor, when considering ways to make learning an easier experience. Technology helps students of varying levels of learning capabilities to reach their personal goals at their own speed. The following are eight ways in which technology is currently being used to help improve educational experiences for people of all ages.

Mobile Applications

Educational mobile apps are one of the many ways in which teachers from all walks of life are utilizing for educational purposes. It’s not just college and university kids who are reaping the benefits of this higher educational resource. Educational apps are popping up in classrooms for students of all ages all over the world. There are so many useful apps on the market that are available for free. Students can use these apps to collaborate with each other in closed groups that are monitored by their teachers and professors. There are also certain apps for smartphones and tablets that can help students perform better at school while keeping them more engaged in their work as they learn.

Gaming Technology

On a similar note to mobile applications, there are plenty of video games on the market today that are built specifically to teach students pertinent lessons. Back in the day when computers were new, games for the PC were limited in their capabilities. With all of the video game improvements we have today, video games have become so much more immersive. Video game technology includes 3D reality headsets and trivia games that help prepare students for tests.

Physical Textbooks and E-Books

E-readers are all the rage for students and teachers alike. Back in the day, all of your books had to be purchased individually and lugged around from class to class. With an e-reader, students can guarantee that they will not be late to their next class. For those who do still prefer to purchase physical copies of their needed reading materials, you can still buy or rent textbooks online through reputable used textbooks sites that sell or rent out new and used textbooks.

3D Printing

Technology has certainly exceeded everyone’s expectations with 3D printing. Through this technology, students are able to print off their own models created in classes where this is appropriate. With 3D printing you can design custom frameworks that are developed to better show students how their ideas could manifest into physical reality. By seeing the results of their efforts, students can learn through trial and error on how to think more critically in the area of design, math, science, and architecture.

Wearable Technology

This type of technology can be used in so many ways. Wearable technology is one of the most diverse types of technological devices on the market today. Adult professionals who are currently working in their chosen fields have found wearable technology to be just as useful for their purposes as students have for theirs. Ways that wearable technology are actively used include making instructional how-to films for class project purposes, recording practice videos for standalone assignments, and to record presentations for their class to be viewed later on by themselves and their family. By giving students the opportunity to use wearable technology in these ways, it allows them to get better acquainted with advanced technology early on in their lives.

Flexible Displays

Created with a specialized e-paper technology, flexible displays can be utilized in many ways. They can be easily attached to any surface and are also considered a type of wearable technology when used that way. These flexible displays are lightweight, extremely thin, and diverse. They are rapidly being considered a high tech alternative to using paper for note taking.

Multi-touch LCD Screens

This is a very recent development in educational technology. Those in the educational sphere will be familiar with our gradual transition from chalkboards to white boards. There is now a new alternative being developed that allows for a greater amount of interactivity with teaching. The idea is to allow teachers the ability to interact live with a board that can be interchangeable with the touch of an on-screen button. On the same note, LCD touch boards are also in development for widespread educational use for students themselves to use.

Online Networking

Social networking platforms have invaded almost every area of our lives. That does not exclude the educational areas of our lives. Social media platforms exist that are specifically used by students and for students. This is separate from personal social media sites, since they concentrate only on topics that have to do with active learning.

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