9 Quick Tips To Keep Your New Car Fuel Efficient

As the years pass by, gas prices get higher and higher, some people forget that there are ways to keep your car running more fuel efficient. Whether you are buying a new car such as the new 2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude FWD at Warsaw Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ramor or a used car I’m sure like many of us you would like to save money by keeping it fuel efficient. A lot of things can cause you to burn through gas pretty fast, some you probably didn’t even think of. Here are some tips to help you keep your car running more fuel efficient that will save you money!

1. Watch your speed
Speeding makes your engine work harder thus using more gas. Not only will you burn through gas quickly, but you can get a ticket or get into a car accident.
2. Braking and rapid acceleration
Always bring your car gradually up to speed and minimize braking when possible. When doing so you will end up driving slower more often.
3. Tire pressure
Make sure all tires are properly inflated at least once a month, because they will last longer increase fuel efficiency. Inflated tires will cause you to burn more fuel than needed.
4. Keep it clean
You might not think about this but keeping your car clean can help save gas. The more clutter, the more weight, making your car work harder to lug it all around.
5. Cruise Control
Use cruise control whenever possible on the highway. Did you know this can save you up to 6% in fuel consumption.
6. GPS can help
Always choose the quickest rout to your destination. This will lesson the amount of miles you put on your car, and of course use less gas.
7. Rough Roads
If possible try to avoid rough roads, to much dirt can cause you to use as much as 30 per cent of your gas mileage.
8. Drive Smoothly
Turning too sharply or breaking to hard can not only wear and tear on your wheels/brakes and alignment but it forces your engine to work harder than it has to to perform such a task. Which in the end uses more fuel.
9. Get check ups
Getting little check ups here and there, making sure there are no leaks or broken hoses or belts can help in a big way also. Also change the air filer as often as the owners manual states.
Basically anything, that’s rough and harsh on your motor/engine will make it use more gas, making you drive to the gas station more often using more gas just to get gas.
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  1. I never knew rough roads and tire pressure could play a part in fuel efficiency. I just told my husband, but of course he already knew. Lol.

  2. These are great tips, and some I never thought of. Yes they make so much sense. I really love all the car tips you have been posting about lately. As a single mom it helps me so much to learn about my car.

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