9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Greece

9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Greece

Greece is a popular destination for many reasons including its ancient history, islands and endless sunshine. Whether you’re planning to have a luxury Greece vacation or travelling on a budget, there’s something here for you. If you’re not already convinced, check out these nine reasons to put Greece on your bucket list.

1. The History:
Everyone around the world knows of Greece’s history: the birthplace of modern democracy, the Olympics and the ancient’s remarkable advancement in mathematics and geometry. And you may or may not know that the marathon, a 26.2-mile footrace, also originated from Greece. All of this is spread around the country including the famous Acropolis and the Ancient Agora in Athens and Delphi. There are plenty of others to explore too. You’re never far away from a piece of history in Greece.

2. Endless Sunshine:
You can be sure that the sun will be shining on your trip to Greece. Expect up to 300 sunny days in a year with hot summers and mild winters. If you want to come and top up your suntan or just get away from the darkness of a Northern European winter, Greece makes a perfect destination. Summer temperatures are generally in the mid to high 30s whereas winter rarely gets colder than 18°C.

3. So Many Islands:
Did you know Greece has a total of 6000 islands in both the Aegean and the Ionian Sea, which makes up almost half of the country’s 16,000 km of coastline? Out of these, only a small fraction are inhabited attracting large numbers of tourists each year. Many tourists flock to the magnificent views at Santorini or to go island hopping through the Cyclades. Other beautiful islands to visit include Crete, Rhodes and Corfu.

4. Beaches:
Any country with this many islands is sure to have endless stretches of beautiful beaches. And Greece has some of the best in Europe attracting hordes of holidaymakers from around the world. Whether you’re looking for a secluded beach in a quiet resort or visit a party destination, Greece has it. Resorts around the many islands offer all types of accommodation from expensive five-star resorts to budget hotels and hostels. The tourist infrastructure is efficient making travelling around easy and stress-free.

5. An Active Nightlife:
Greece never sleeps, and you can find an active nightlife in pretty much anywhere you visit. Bars and restaurants fill up in the evening and at night where both locals and tourists come to enjoy delicious food and spend time with their friends and family.

Athens and Thessaloniki have plenty of places to keep you busy to soak up the history or culture during the day. And both have a vibrant nightlife full of bars, cafes and restaurants staying open until the early hours of the morning. Or, those who want a more excessive weekend will find Zakynthos or Mykonos islands more appealing.

6. It’s Easy to Get Off the Beaten Path:
Everyone knows about Athens or Santorini, but did you know that you can get an experience that’s like stepping back in time here too? If you rent a car and travel outside of the major cities or tourist resorts, you’ll be passing through towns and villages that have stubbornly resisted changing into modern times. Locals still sit outside winding away their hours at tortoise-like paces unseen in today’s stressful city life. Time stands still in the sun-scorched plains of Greece’s rural landscape, and you can get a glimpse of this lifestyle within a short distance from major cities.

7. The Location:
Being nestled in Southern Europe, Greece is in a perfect location to visit from several places around the world. Northern Europeans can get here within a few hours, and likewise, tourists from the Middle East have a similar distance to cover too. Because of the location, tourists can visit without having to fly halfway around the world. And on top of this, Athens is a major hub for flights across the Atlantic or to Asia making visiting the country easier than ever.

8. Greek Food:
Tourists have access to a wide variety of food and cuisines when they take a trip to Greece. Locals tend to serve up platter after platter of meat and seafood with large portions of fresh salad and handfuls of olives. The Greeks like their meat and barbecues and you’ll be able to enjoy a feast with a glass of local wine. Produce markets burst at the seams with fruit including watermelons, pomegranates and grapes that some say are among the tastiest in the world. Fresh vegetables are also on sale to anyone who wants them. In short, Greece has an abundance of fresh and delicious food readily available to tourists.

9. Anyone Can Visit Greece:
Greece caters for the billionaires and budget travelers. Five-star hotels, mega-yachts and everything else a luxurious vacationer could desire are in Greece. At the other end, budget travelers can also find what they’re looking for as they travel around Mainland or any of the islands. Everyone is welcome and catered for in this ancient and beautiful nation in southern Europe.

Greece has it All:
Regardless of your budget and interests, Greece will have something for you. Combine ancient history and ruins dotted around the country with some of the best food and endless sunshine, and you’re certain to have a perfect holiday. Or just come to relax at one of the resorts and to enjoy the beaches. So, now you know why you should visit, it’s time to get online and book your dream trip to Greece!

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