A Few Ways to Make Moving Easier and Fun

Life Changes

Sometimes life changes require us to move from one place to another. These changes from one place to another may be for the benefits of our health. Our health should be at the top of our list for a happy lifestyle. If we are required to move from the city to a rural area, we will have to make some choices about where we will proceed. There are many midwestern states where the outdoors are plentiful, as in Colorado or getting closer to the west like Arizona or New Mexico. Depending upon what kind of environment has been recommended for our health, we may need to move quickly, and it may require professional help like Allied Van Lines to move our belongings.

Choosing the Right Mover

Whichever mover we choose, we want to consider a professional company that has a long history of moving people across the country. The New York Times recently wrote a piece about the lucrative businesses that have acted like movers but was identified as a scam. Unfortunately, people’s belongings become vulnerable because of fraudulent business practices. If you need to ask for credentials, it is better to do so since your property will be required when you move to your new location.

When Movers Arrive

When the movers arrive to meet with you, you may want to ask them as many questions as possible to get filled on the reputation of the company. A reputable company will be happy to answer any question you have since this is part of the professional contract. Prepare your list of questions you want to ask your movers in advance. Often families moving across the country are interested in asking things like how can you contact the mover in case of an emergency? How long will it take to deliver your family’s belongings to the new location? Are there discounts available to first-time movers? Will you have to supply packing supplies for the movers?

Ways to Make Moving Easier

There are many ways to make your move easier for you and the family. Here is a short list of helpful packing tips. It is easier to prepare in advance than it is to develop at the last minute. When you have several weeks to make a list, decide what is essential and what is not crucial. Plan to move only what you know is critical. Lower your moving costs by reducing what you take with you.

Store or Sell Unneeded Items

Store what you need if you know you may be returning at a later day. If you are moving permanently, then it may be useful to have a yard sale to lighten your move. After your garage or yard sale, donate things that didn’t sell to a local charity like St. Vincent DePaul or the Lions Club. Any charity group will be happy to receive what you want to leave with them, and a needy family may be helped.

Packing Smart

To keep track of your things, pack smart. Make a list of things you will be putting in specific boxes and make tags for those boxes. You may choose to use a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel. By knowing what place you put each thing, you will easily be able to look at your spreadsheet later to understand where a particular item is. If your boxes are labeled correctly, you can go straight to those boxes to find the things you need the most. Impress your movers! Treating your movers with something unique is an excellent way to ensure your personal belongings get to their destination safely and delivered with a smile. Tip: bake at least two dozen brownies or chocolate chip cookies for your movers. They will love it, and you will reap the benefits.

Moving With Help

There is nothing like having family and friends help with moving. When it comes to volunteers around the office, this is an excellent time to ask your office friends to lend a hand, and they can enjoy being together for a final goodbye. Have Kool-Aid and cookies for your helpers and maybe they’ll drive across the country to help you unpack when you arrive at your new destination.

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