A Parent’s Guide To Productively Work From Home

Nearly 100 countries have suffered, and analysts suggest that there may be a recession on the horizon. With this said, companies are required to have their employees work at home. One problem that most home-based workers face is being productive. If you’re looking for an effective and more detailed solution for this concern, you can read this informative post.

When more businesses continue to move to encourage workers to work from the home, there is an important question: how can you guarantee high productivity, especially as a parent, while working from home? Some thoughts are below:

Build & Optimize Your Workspace

Children would normally see their parents leave for work early in the morning, which means they’ll be busy throughout the day and at night when they get home, they’ll have time for the kids. They were conditioned throughout their lives to assume that parents work when you go to your office and are free when you are at home. It will take some time for them to get used to it before they know that your being at home is more for work than for play this time.

Before anything else, you should build your workspace in your home and let the children be aware that you are most likely to work while you are there. Your workspace should be a distance away from the living room or any place that can cause distractions. Put your desk and all other related work things in there and make it totally free from all at home apart from yourself. When your workplace is over, make sure your children do not play around and always give them a note that you are working and don’t want to get interrupted when you are there.

Next, you should also optimize your workplace for success, apart from making your children know that you are at work wherever you are at work. You can do so much to ensure optimized efficiency in your workplace. Here are some tips:

  • Be particularly careful about the ergonomics of your workspace; items such as ergonomic chairs and tables, stands and the correct placement of your monitor and display can be much more efficient.
  • Make sure that the natural light reaches your office as much as possible. Several studies have related the lighting of a work atmosphere to the efficiency of workers.
  • Every time you go to your place of work and stop doing something personal and peaceful there, still dress up corporately. This makes the workspace mentally fit for work only.
  • Try to ensure that the working space is warm and optimized. A warm workplace can almost double productivity, whereas a cold office can cut it in half.

Busy Kids, More Concentration

Children have a much shorter concentration than adults and an excess of time in certain cases. If you don’t keep their attention occupied, they will surely have much more time for mommy or daddy. The response here is to show as many fun things as possible to keep them occupied, in the form of toys, devices, educational assignments and friends. It’s best to have them engage with activities that will make them be creative and have fun at the same time. Painting, drawing, or playing with clay can be very engaging, and once they start doing these activities, they’ll be busy for hours, and you’ll have enough time for work.

Use Productivity Apps

One of the major problems of the people working from home is to believe that their discipline and ability to recall and flow naturally through the next tasks are efficient. It may be hard to avoid, but make sure that you don’t make this mistake. You may be eager, but there is an overload of distractions to make sure you don’t get something.

Fortunately, you can use software and applications to ensure that you are efficient from home. You will want to use some productivity software and tools such as:

  • Slack – this application helps you collaborate with your employees and others, without distractions that adversely influence your productivity. The good thing about this innovative application is that you can chat directly with a single person or create a group chat where all your workmates are in it.
  • Evernote – This application will assist you in the management and the recording of your work.

Use Your Extra Time

If you have a regular family that has children sleeping at 9 or 10 pm at night and gets up early in the morning, this most likely means that from about 9 – 10 pm in the night until about 7 am in the morning, you should have time for yourself. You should rearrange the schedule so that you can work about two hours late in the night and also about two hours early in the morning. Since this reorganized schedule could cut your sleep a bit, daily nap afternoons should also be taken.

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