Acrylic Nails? You May Want to Think Twice

Acrylic Nails

About a month ago my daughter and I went to the nail salon to get a full set of acrylic nails done. We don’t usually do this, because acrylic nails can be very pricey depending on nail color, shape, design, and nail salon. My daughter was pretty psyched because acrylics last a long time and are very pretty.

They looked great. A couple of weeks went by and our natural nails had grown and the acrylic nails needed a fill. We planned on getting a fill but waited a days to long because we both lost a nail. One of my nails had just fallen off, and I noticed how horrible My natural nail looked due to the acrylic nail. The nail was extremely thin, flimsy, and shreds of my nail were sticking up. I became very concerned about my other nails and went to the salon to get the rest taken off immediately. They use a metal tool that looked like a flat cuticle pusher to lift each fake nail up. All of my natural nails looked terrible and badly damaged. My daughters nails were worse than mine.  They are almost paper thin and so flimsy. I was very distraught over this. My daughter is disappointed and horrified. I never thought that acrylic nails could ever do this much damage. See the photos for yourself, these are pictures of the horrible nail damage we are left with. Theses are shred’s of nail sticking up and some with a whole layer gone in the middle of the nail.

Beware, please think twice before getting acrylic nails. Is it really worth it?

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails

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  1. Yep! This always happens to me too! Never again!!!

  2. The reason this happened is because they file down your natural nail to make the acrylic stick to it. They are bad news… PERIOD… fungus and other creepy things can grow under them causing so many problems. Their removal process was also not a help as they should have SOAKED them off in acetone. I know all of this because I am a cosmetologist. At this point your best defense is to KEEP them painted, even clear. Many people like the new GEL and I have not tried it so I can not advise on that. Plain old fashioned OPI should be fine. They will grow out fine, faster than you think. Acrylics look great when they look great but bad things are lurking underneath….

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