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Spring has sprung and summer will be here before you know it! The weather is warming up as we head into our favorite time of year — the season for shorts, swimming pools, and sun tan lotion. However, it also marks the beginning of flea and tick season, and while your pet might be pest-free now, taking preventative measures is necessary.

The Adams™ Smart Shield™ Applicator is a breakthrough topical flea and tick control delivery device that provides fast, effective treatment down to pets’ skin, where bugs live, and helps keep the mess off your hands. The Adams™ Smart Shield™ Applicator delivers a more confident, secure and easy application of Adams™ Flea & Tick Spot On® topical treatment, which starts killing fleas and ticks in 15 minutes and helps prevent re-infestation in your home. Designed with veterinarians’ and pet owners’ input, this ground-breaking new product is the first of its kind.

Tips for preventing Flea & Tick Problems:

Preventing Problems

Prevention is the best course of action. Making your yard unfriendly to pests is a good place to start.

  • Don’t give fleas and ticks a welcoming environment. Mow regularly, keep shrubs trimmed, and rake up leaves. Keep the garbage covered so it won’t attract rodents – that means fleas and ticks won’t have any help getting close to your house.
  • You can spray your yard to kill adult fleas and ticks. Outdoor sprays can be used on lawns, flowers, trees and shrubs. They kill and repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants, crickets and other insects. Spray wherever your pet frequents the most. Allow it to dry before letting pets or people onto the treated area.

Preventive maintenance should be a regular part of your pet care routine. Whenever you groom your dog or cat, check for fleas and ticks. Signs of fleas include redness and scratching, as well as what’s known as flea dirt – black flea droppings left on your pet’s coat. Ticks are most commonly found around the neck, in the ears, in the folds between the legs and body, and in between the toes. Cats may also have them around the neck and face.

Shampoos and mists can also be used to complement your pet’s regular flea and tick control maintenance.

·         Shampoos clean your pet by eliminating adult fleas, ticks and flea dirt. The active ingredients must come in contact with the pests for a certain period of time in order to be effective. Results are immediate. However, because shampoos have no long-lasting effects, it’s a good idea to follow the shampoo with a dip or maintenance product.

  • Mists are used to kill fleas, ticks and mosquitos on dogs and cats instantly. Flea eggs and larvae will be prevented for one to two months.

Controlling an infestation

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your pet brings home some unwanted pests. Here’s what you can do:

·         Dips quickly kill biting adult fleas and offer several days of flea protection. They are often used to provide instant, short-term control for severe infestation problems. Sprays, dips, shampoos and other products can be used together to help combat an infestation problem until the problem is under control. Dips are more effective when your pet is clean, so shampoo your pet before dipping.

  • Vacuuming plays an important role in getting a flea infestation under control. Vacuum before the first home treatment, then daily for the next few weeks. This will help remove newly emerged fleas, flea dirt, eggs and some larvae from the carpets.
  • Treating your home with carpet powders, carpet sprays, room foggers or home sprays will help control fleas. Every area your pet frequents should be treated – including the garage, basement, kennel and yard.

Take care of your pet and your family by having the right prevention and treatment options for your furry family member. To learn more about protecting your pet and your home from fleas and ticks, visit the Flea and Tick Education page at


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