Addressing Mold In The Home

When we move into a new home or have lived in the same home for years we want to feel secure. We want out family to be safe, comfortable and from harms way. We work so hard so make a nicely and cozy place for our family and  friends. It’s tough to feel all of this piece of mind when you have hidden dangers are lurking in and around your home. Toxic chemicals found in homes can be a huge health risk. Sometimes you never find out until it’s tool late and you are terribly sick from mold making people sick.


It’s very important to get a mold inspection as soon as possible as mold can cause many health problems. These health problems can range from serious allergic reactions, itching eyes, sneezing, coughing , asthma attacks, lung damage and so much more. The scariest part is that many people have mold growing in their house right now and don’t know it.

Addressing Mold In The Home

  1. It’s very import to get the facts on mold first.
  2. Clean mold off off any hard surfaces and let dry completely.
  3. Fix any leaking pips or water leaks. Do not let them continue and keep the area dry. Keep leaks under control can prevent mold from accruing.
  4. Remove any carpets, ceiling tiles and porous materials right away if mold has already grown on them, as it may be impossible to ever remove it completely.
  5. Never attempt to just paint over moldy surfaces. Not only will it peel and chip but this will not remove the mold or the dangers of it. Please clean it up or call a professional to do the job for you.

And lastly always, always avoid exposing yourself and anyone else to mold. Be sure to wear special gear when attempting to clean mold or call a specialist and have them take care of the problem.



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