Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season Review

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This February 25th Cartoon Network will release the third full-season installment of its most mathematical animated series on both Blu-ray and DVD as Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season!


This DVD contains more than four hours of awesomeness in the form of episodes! Not only that, there op are episode commentaries for all 26 episodes included in the the third season, as well as an interview with Pendleton Ward and an alternate show intro!

You’ll have to prepare for such righteousness jam packed in a custom, collectible BMO Die-Cut Slipcase!


I was so very pleased to be able to review this DVD. My youngest son, oldest daughter are both big fans of Adventure Time. They loved helping me review the last complete season, season two. Now both them and Adventure time are back and ready for action.

Let’s start off by saying that this case is so cool. I myself am not quite familiar with, “BMO”, but my son and daughter are, and as soon as they saw the case they were like, “BMO!” They we’re even more ecstatic when they pulled the DVD case out of the slip, it was the inside of BMO! They do watch Cartoon Network regularly, and have seen episodes from the third season but not all of them. So you could imagine they were quite excited to relive some adventure-tastic episodes and experience some new ones as well.

The 26 episodes that make up the third season include:

  1. Conquest of Cuteness
  2. Morituri Te Salutamus
  3. Memory of a Memory
  4. Hitman 5. Too Young
  5. The Monster 7. Still
  6. Wizard Battle
  7. Fionna and Cake
  8. What Was Missing
  9. Apple Thief
  10. The Creeps
  11. From Bad to Worse
  12. Beautopia
  13. No One Can Hear You 
  14. Jake vs. Me-Mow
  15. Thank You
  16. The New Frontier
  17. Holly Jolly Secrets (Part 1)
  18. Holly Jolly Secrets (Part 2)
  19. Marceline’s Closet
  20. Paper Pete
  21. Another Way
  22. Ghost Princess
  23. Dad’s Dungeon
  24. Incendium

CLIP: “What Was Missing?”

Ever since the first day Adventure Time aired on Cartoon Network it has been a hit! Amongst all ages, everyone loves this show. It’s funny, creepy, weird,cute,awesome,you name it! Season 3 of AdventureTime is all about the music, it’s also about battles! And mystery! And monsters!!! And nicknames,like “Randy ButterNubs, Lumps, Lemons and a little elephant too! There so much going on in this season, too much to miss! The episodes in this season are so great, the animations are of course really great,the show has always been so colorful and eye-catching, it’s hard not to stop and watch.

CLIP: “Holly Jolly Secrets”


CLIP: “What Was Missing?”

I don’t want to spoil the some lump in’-funky junk-mathematical-flippin’-redododiculous-ness of these episodes,so just you wait and see!

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