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Every time I see Air Wick products I always think, “Oh, I want to put that in my room to make it smell good”. Because I want my room to smell good, like something sweet or refreshing. Rather than stale or musky. I have four cats and a dog, and of course they make certain rooms in my home smell like a cat or a dog. And I don’t want someone to come in my home and immediately take in a wiff and think, “Oh, these people must have a dog or cat”. Or to walk in my house and know that I have four cats, not because I don’t clean up after them, because I do. But because just the smell lingers, and the smell of my dogs fur sometimes is just so smelly. We bathe him but his scent still lingers here and there.

That’s why I love products by Air Wick, because they have things like Freshmatics, Scented Warmers, Scented Candles, Sprays and much more. Along with sweet, wonderful smelling scents that are to die for.

Air Wick just partnered with the National Park Foundation (NPF) to craft fragrances that capture the rare essence of their national parks.

I recently got Air Wick’s Freshmatic Ultra Automatic Sprayer, Air Wick’s Freshmatic Ultra Automatic Sprayer Refill, Air Wick’s Scented Oil Warmer, Air Wick’s Scented Oil Warmer Refills, and Air Wick’s Scented Candle.

Air Wick’s Freshmatic Ultra Automatic Sprayer has a new slim design and the color is easy to match with many rooms. On the back of it there is a little lever that you press down and then pull apart the Freshmatic. Inside it includes two AA batteries. I like this one better than the old ones because the style is more modern, it doesn’t look like an air freshener. It has this ‘stone’ look to it. It’s very sleek and slim, it could fit anywhere.

Air Wick’s Freshmatic Ultra Automatic Sprayer Refill has a limited edition scent, Gulf Islands: White Sands & Seashores. I like this scent. It reminds me of the beach and the the smell of sun tan lotion with a hint of cinnamon. Something I love walking into when it sprays.

Air Wick’s Scented Oil Warmer are small and can plug in almost anywhere. Air Wick’s Scented Oil Warmer Refill has a limited edition scent as well, Grand Canyon: Cactus Flower & Warm Breeze. This scent is very floral, and sweet. I just fell in love with it, as soon as I took in a wiff. I’d like it in any room.

And, Air Wick’s Scented Candle has yet, another limited edition scent, Denali: Soft Cotton Grass & Spring Air. This scent reminds me of clean linen and flowers. I lit it and set it on a stand in my living room, and it just filled the room with the fresh scent of Denali. Another scent that I just love.

Air Wick Review

Air Wick Review

Air Wick Review

The other limited edition scents that Air Wick has to offer are: Virgin Islands, uncover the delightful notes of tropical plumeria & sweet honeysuckle. American Samoa, reach the sweet refreshing notes of native coconut & island palms. And Hawai’i, savor the unspoiled notes of exotic papaya and hibiscus flower.

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