Amber Teething Necklaces: My Minimalist Approach to My Families Ailments

I grew up living a very minimalist lifestyle. Our house wasn’t overgrown with things we didn’t need. My mom would often buy products that could serve several purposes in our household. So when I became an adult of my own and moved into my first apartment, I took the same approach.

Amber Teething Necklaces: My Minimalist Approach to My Families Ailments

Eventually I got married and started growing a family that I could raise myself, but my minimalist approach didn’t change. From baby gear to my medicine cabinet, I asked myself how long would this product last us? Would this stage be something we lived in for long or would it pass us by quickly?

When researching the endless suggestions of baby gear and remedies, I found myself asking the same questions my mom had… “Will this serve us long? What could we use it for?” While pregnant with my first I suffered from severe migraines, and towards the end I grew so big that my sciatica started to bother me.

I researched relief from my pregnancy woes and wound up on a Baltic amber teething website. What I found would ignite the minimalist in me and change my whole pregnancy and parenting game. Baltic amber was known not just for it’s teething relief but for relieving many other ailments. I started digging into research and reading up on as much as I could find regarding amber and it’s healing properties.

To start, amber has been used in communities around the world for centuries. Amber is located in the Baltic region near the Baltic sea, which is where it gets its name from. It’s made by harvesting the sap from conifer trees, separating the resin from it and forming amber. Succinic acid is the key component in resolving your ailments.

This is because succinic acid acts as an anti-inflammatory, while also being packed full of antioxidants. Amber stones have been used to cure chronic migraines, relieve muscle and joint inflammation, while boosting moods caused by situational anxiety and depression.

So here I was, 7 and a half months pregnant and suffering from migraines from hell and nausea that made me feel permanently sea sick. Google pulled up a million different products that claimed to work for many different things, but I only found one product to heal them all. Baltic Amber.

I bought myself a teething necklace and promised my growing fetus that if this magical bead worked, I would purchase them one for their inevitable teething phase. Amber teething necklaces come in a variety of colors and lengths. When purchasing for yourself, research suggest that raw ambers with a darker complexion would work just fine. This is because of how amber works. Your body heats the bead, allowing the resin packed full of healing benefits to seep through the surface of the bead and into the bloodstream.

Experts say that a raw necklace may be too harsh for a younger child or infant, so it’s suggested that you purchase a polished bead with a darker color for children. When contemplating length, I would suggest getting a shorter necklace for younger children to reduce choking hazards. If buying for yourself, length will be a personal preference.

I wear mine on my ankle to prevent breastfeeding distractions once my little one is here. I finished my pregnancy off feeling better than I had the entire time I was pregnant. The pregnancy glow everyone talks about I now had. I was no longer suffering from migraines or nausea, and I could now stand for longer than 10 minutes without feeling like my back would snap in half. The necklace had even helped with my anxiety surrounding birth.

I purchased one for my son and knew it would help his teething woes, too. We are year postpartum and happy to have invest in amber teething necklaces. It was the one stop shop for my families needs. Not only did it help us transition from pregnancy, to new parents, and navigate my son’s first year, but it also helped to keep my medicine cabinet clutter free. Invest in amber and you’re investing in a happy and healthy future.


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