Arckit Is The Perfect Building Kit for All Ages

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Arckit Is The Perfect Building Kit for All Ages

Architecture is a beautiful thing, especially seeing something be planned and sketched on paper then finally being created before your very eyes. Some of us may not have the extreme time and patience that a lot of architects have, but we can still experience a little bit of it with a new building toy called,”Arckit.” Arckit was created by an Irish architect, Damien Murtagh, it brings “real life” buildings into the homes of everyone. 

Arckit Is The Perfect Building Kit for All Ages

If you know someone who likes to build and create things, this would be a great gift for them, no matter their age. Kids call it “Reality Minecraft” and adults call it “Legos for Grownups.” Arckit is something everyone can enjoy, it is the next step beyond traditional building blocks. It is a creative, freeform model making system opening up the world of architecture to everyone. Arckit is a whole new way to spontaneously explore and build scaled structures, bringing architecture ideas to life. 

The  products they have available are:

Arckit Go Colors

A fun way to learn design skills early on, featuring large floor plates and easy “click and connect” components makes this the perfect starter set for young architects. For ages 10+, available for $59.99

Arckit Is The Perfect Building Kit for All Ages

Arckit Go Plus

Offering exciting new components and adhesive sheets that allow users to complete model and very realistic building finishes. Including 170 pieces and 5 Arckittexture pre-printed sticker sheets allowing you to decorate your newly built building with cool realistic surface details, it adds a whole new level of play. This set if for ages 12+ and also available for $59.99.

Arckit Is The Perfect Building Kit for All Ages

Arckit Is The Perfect Building Kit for All Ages

Arckit Mini Curve, Arckit Mini Angle, and Arckit Mini Dormer

Priced at $39.99 each, these sets contain special components to build with curves, angles and or dormers. Each being a smaller kit with only 115 pieces are perfect for smaller projects, or as an addition to any other set. For ages 12+.

Arckit 90 

Comes with 220 pieces, the Arckit 990 immerses users in the ultimate Arckit experience. Everything a model maker needs to build a diverse range of impressive structures up to 90 sq.m/960 sq.ft to scale is found in this kit! With a price of $99.99

I had the chance in reviewing the Arckit Go Colors, and Arckit Go plus, my son and daughter enjoyed putting together these models. My son thought it was an awesome upgrade from his legos, and my daughter agreed because she wouldn’t be caught playing with Legos, but these are a different story.

Arckit Is The Perfect Building Kit for All Ages

These two kits are fun, and require a little patience, but not to hard to put together. However they are very enjoyable. They already want more kits to create! I even had a great time helping them put these together, these kits are like the adult coloring books! Something made for us! I definitely would like to get them another kit because they liked these ones so much. 

You can purchase Arckit’s at These would make for the perfect holiday gift.

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  1. I think I wanna get this for myself! Looks fun to me, the I want the go plus, with those stickers it’ll make it look like a real model home!

  2. This would be a great gift for my daughter! She’s always building cool things with her brothers legos, she definitely will love this!

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