Are Phone Psychic Readings Real or Fake?

The fact that we do not know what is going to happen tomorrow is something every human being has in common. Tragedy and happiness occur sometimes without anyone expecting them. That is why people look to psychics to foretell issues to do with their jobs, money and love life. When you are expecting a promotion, dating someone, you love or you have invested some amount of money for a certain project, it is natural to seek assurance on whether you are going to succeed. Most psychic predictions tend to be positive, which may seem to allude to the will of God to give everyone a future and hope.

There are so many psychics especially online who claim to offer quality services but this is not always the case. Some may take your money and give you false readings. Online psychics give phone readings and you should know whether they are genuine before signing up as their client.


Here are ways you can use to establish whether a phone psychic reading is real or fake:

Authenticity of the Content

Psychics normally do a preliminary reading that summarizes your current and future situation before they get you to sign up as their client. The information they give you should match your life, if not you will immediately know that they are fake. No one knows the facts of your life better than you do hence you will be able to note any false information immediately.

Level of Inquiry

A psychic will always ask you some things before they come up with their reading but it is not usually that deep. If you encounter a psychic who presses you for detailed information about you, you should know they are not real. What they do is that they use that information to establish a reading that is significant to your particular details. Real psychics do not need your birth information or horoscopes only astrologers do. They do not also need your income information. Beware of psychics that inquire about your income, they will feed you false readings and extort money from you.

Power Claims

A real psychic will not tell you that they have the power to change your situation. They will not tell you that you are under a spell or a curse and that they have the power to deal with it. Fake psychics do that. The moment the reading starts to take this turn, you should know that you are dealing with a fake psychic.


A real psychic will answer your questions just as you have asked them while a fake psychic will pry you for information and twist it to serve their answers. It is impossible for a real psychic to give you exact dates in the future from their reading but a fake psychic will give you this information.

In conclusion, fraud exists everywhere especially on the internet hence you should verify psychic sites before you sign up as a client. Check out psychic reviews to determine their authenticity and check them using the tips above. You can benefit from a real psychic instead of being defrauded by a fake one.


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