Are Your Parents Ready For A Continuing Care Retirement Community


Our parents are there to take care of us from the time we are born till the time we are ready to move out and create a life for ourselves. The parents we have are the only ones we ever get and no one will love us like they do. As they get older it becomes harder for them to care for there self and they may need us or depending on their needs they may need even more care than we can give.

When the time comes that our parents need more care then we can give it’s very stressful on them. It’s almost like getting ready to buy a new home and make a big move. There is lots of planning, researching of facilities, home health aids, continuing care retirement communities and nursing homes. Finding the best place for them at the time is very important.


One of these options is a continuing care retirement community, or sometimes referred to as CCRC. CCRCs. These types of places offer a long-term continuing care contract that will provide housing, residential services, and nursing care all in one. This usually in one location, and usually for a resident’s lifetime. Devonshire is another popular CCRC in Florida.

Continuing care retirement communities have a lot offer. They are part independent living, part skilled living, part assisted living and part skilled nursing home. The goal is to offer their aging residents accommodations for their changing needs. Healthy seniors can live independently in single-family homes, apartments or condominiums in these communities. When they reach the point that they no longer can do things on their own they can live in assisted living or nursing care facilities. Basically no matter what their needs they can live in this one location for the duration of their life. This gives piece of mind for you and your parents.  Learn more about CCRCs.

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