Automobility Disability Assistance

Have you ever heard of the The Automobility Program at FCA US LLC? It was designed to help customers with permanent disabilities with being able to enter, exit and/or operate thier new vehicle. This program was also the first in the industry that helps to ease the financial burden for drivers that have physical challenges. They help by giving a cash reimbursement of up to $1000. This is for expenses that are directly related to the adaptive equipment you may need. FCA US created the Automobility Program with you in mind by providing the customizable adaptive equipment that makes your life easier. This includes everything from getting in you car to getting going. They are committed in making sure you have an amazing driving experience.  

Automobility Disability Assistance

Their are actually over 20 types of vehicles today that are capable of being adapted to meet your individual needs. 

When you make the adjustments needed in order to continue daily tasks things that seemed so hard because of a disability can now become second nature. With so much new technology available today, many limitations of the past no longer have to be limitations.

You could gain more independence with much of this new technology such as going to work and even running day to day errands. With this adaptive equipment for vehicles it can now make the physically disabled much more independent. Entering and exiting vehicles is now much easier and people with disabilities can now even drive on their own. No more waiting around for things you need to get done. 

Chrysler understands Life has its twists and that you need a reliable vehicle that can meet your needs. This is where you can find a car, SUV/Crossover, truck or minivan that can fit your life. With such a variety of adaptive equipment your sure get into a vehicle that fits your needs. Consult an expert to find out what adaptive equipment suits your lifestyle so that you can live life to the fullest.

Automobility Disability Assistance

The Chrysler Automobility Program reimbursement can also be combined with other eligible national and regional incentives available at the time of your vehicle purchase to help you save even more. Head on over to and see what they have to offer.

Don’t allow your abilities to take a back seat to your disability. They know you have places you need and want to go, and your vehicle doesn’t have to stand in your way. It should enable you to get there. 

For more information on the Chrysler Automobility Program just visit thier website:

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