Awareness on the Internet

Many parents, like me, are deeply concerned about their children’s future. Vital part of the problem might be their Internet activity. It is of course a good and reliable source of information, but on the other hand, it is also filled with a lot of content which is highly inappropriate for minors. Another matter is that kids are simply wasting too much time on playing video games or endlessly hanging out on social media websites, instead of maintaining more natural relations with their real life friends. Last but not least, there might be a lot more dangerous situations on the Internet than stationed above. Speaking the truth, the Internet has become the main hunting ground for various kinds of sexual deviants and pedophiles, who are looking for their new victims on chats or social websites. Another kind of criminals that are very active online are hackers and thieves, who might steal passwords for your bank account or even your identity.

Talk about the threats

The majority of children online are completely unaware of dangers on the Internet. That’s why we must take responsibility for their safety and undertake necessary actions in order to protect them. First of all we should have straight conversations with them about their Internet activity. That means, what kind of pages they are browsing or what programs and games they are using. Researches shown that over 80 % of youngest Internet users have never told their parents that they entered websites with abusive or sexual content. We can also teach them how to protect their private information on social websites using privacy settings.

Guardian software

Children like to have their little secrets or like to do things in their own ways, so it wouldn’t be weird if such conversations had very little effect. In such case, wise thing to do would be installation parental monitoring programs on their computer. Software like this gives us a whole range of options to monitor our kid’s online activity. Not only we can get reports about every website they entered but even we will have information about how long and which programs or games they used. Most of parental software have additional useful features like time limits, which can be set for both online and offline activity. It means that we will no longer have to endlessly remind our children about turning off the computer and do their homework; the computer will turn off by itself! Moreover, in most parental programs there are blacklists of adult websites which are automatically blocked. There are also special word filters, which will affect the search engines display results. All of this can be modified of course, so we can add more blocked websites or words to the filter.


To sum it up, we need to be cautious about our children’s internet activity. What we have to do is make our children aware of the bad things that might happen online if they will not be careful enough. Combining this with installing guardian software will make us sure that nothing wrong can happen to the ones we love.

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