Awesome Branded T-Shirts Are In!

When you ask the kids what they would like for their birthday or Christmas, the answer is often something to do with their favorite game or TV show. Just about everything they are into has a huge array of related merchandise. Scooters, pajamas, bags, and boots can all be purchased bearing characters or logos to get them excited. But how much more do things cost when they are licensed merchandise?

It’s true that these items command a premium, but the truth is that now everybody is doing it, prices have come down. Each character or TV show is competing with all the others. Can a lower price tag on the merchandise make the show more popular? It’s possible. The trouble is, your kids will want what they want no matter how high the price tag is!

Adult wear is also ‘branded’ up. T-shirts in particular are very popular if they bear a logo or famous slogan or saying. References to pop culture printed on a T-shirt will sell no matter how high the price tag. Even the military are getting in on the act with places like the marines clothing store online. Whatever you can think of you might want, someone has paid the license to provide it.

These licenses are sold or leased to manufacturers of clothing, toys, books, pens and more. It is possible to make good money for the right products bearing the right imagery. It is certainly worth pursuing should you have any marketable ideas. Producing items bearing resemblance to any copyright images could land you in hot water though, so do your research thoroughly.

When it comes to fashion, logo or brand T-shirts seem to be the firm favorite for casual wear. It’s not just kids wearing it either. Men and women prefer slogan T-shirts to a plain or patterned top. The recent craze for onesies has seen manufacturers scramble for licenses to put the trendiest merchandise on them. If you love a pop icon or TV character, you might experience that “have to have it” moment and buy it. The most popular TV references at the moment are Breaking Bad and Big Bang Theory for adults. Thomas The Tank Engine and Spiderman are firm favorites for boys. Girls are adoring Frozen and Peppa Pig.

The scope for merchandising is massive, but clothing will always prevail as the most popular items to bear logos and images. If you think back to the days of Friends, where Joey Tribbiani dressed head to toe in Porsche merchandise, you can see there are limits to how much clothing people will buy. A hat and a tee are usually adequate for most people, or you can indeed end up looking like a walking advertisement.

If less is more, then perhaps we will all stick to tees when ordering branded casual wear. Pajamas for kids work well because it is an incentive to get them ready for bedtime. With kids, lots of merchandise never seems to be enough. They like to collect all the bits they can!

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