Awesome Winter Dog Bed Ideas

At winter time, our furry friends can often feel the cold just as much as we do. They may have a warm coat to protect them, but some animals struggle. Small dogs in particular find winter quite chilly.

We want our pets to be part of our home, and of our family life. So, when we see them looking uncomfortable or pacing the house for somewhere warm to sleep, it’s not nice. If this sounds like your dog, then take a look at some of our tips below for great bedding solutions and tips.


Keeping our pet stocked in accessories can be difficult, especially if you are experiencing a financial struggle. However, there are always cheap and cheerful ways to get creative with your pet’s products.

Spare Bed
If you have a spare bedroom or a spare bed, you could let your dog sleep on this during winter. Dogs like to be close to their owners so if you are all upstairs sleeping, it can be nice for your pet to know that they can sleep nearby. Don’t shut them into the room though as this may cause them to get anxious and whine or scratch to be let out.

The Cheap Bedding Option
If money is an issue then gather up all of your old blankets, dressing gowns and things that you or the kids have outgrown. By placing them in an old box or a crate, you can great a warm bed that your dog will love to curl up in.

Not only will this be cozy and warm for your dog, but he will also love the scent of your family being on the bedding he now sleeps on.

Luxurious Beds
There are some really cool dog beds in shops and online right now. These not only look amazing when placed around the home, but are usually made of pet-friendly, luxurious materials that will keep your dog safe and warm.

You could choose a design that matches your home decor, or go for something that really stands out and makes sure that your dog gets all of the attention!

To Crate or Not To Crate?
Some dog owners swear by putting their pets in a crate at night. This is a personal thing for you to decide as some dogs love it, and some dogs absolutely hate it.

Some dogs love the security of having a place that is just for them and love going to bed in their crate every night. Most will stay there until morning, especially once they realize that you are definitely coming back to get them!

It can be a bit daunting for any animal at first, so you should always wake early after your dogs first night in his crate and greet him with lots of praise and affection.

If all else fails in your quest to find your dog the perfect bed, then your dog will usually manage to find his favorite spot in the house to sleep. Let them choose somewhere that they feel comfortable with, whether that’s on a rug in your lounge or curled up by a heater in the kitchen. Your pet will soon let you know where he wants to be!

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