Backyard Safari Outfitters Review

It’s the heart of summer, some kids may be filled with energy and are just at constant play. And, some kids may have hit the boredom block. Can’t find anything to do? Send them outside with a few fun safari backyard toys from Backyard Safari Outfitters.

Backyard Safari Outfitters will keep your kids exploring, adventurous, and won’t want to come back inside. With a variety of toys for certain aspects. They were so kind to send a few products over for my son and I to review. What they sent was: The Essential Cargo Vest, Land and Water Habitat, Magnifying Glass, and The Lazer Light Bug Vacuum.

Backyard Safari Outfitters

My son loves playing outside, getting dirty in the dirt, finding creepy crawlers, and just having plain old fun. I knew these Backyard Safari Outfitter products would fit his outdoor playing routine. The Essential Cargo Vest is of course the most essential piece of gear. It has a lot of cargo pockets which means more room for more stuff. And it is rough and tough to hold up.

Backyard Safari Outfitters

Included comes 6 D-Rings and 2 shoulder epaulets that allows you to clip and hang more gear, with a large zipper pocket to hold binoculars, as well as a chest pocket that can store field guides! The Cargo Vest also has 2 more mesh pockets for storing for even more essentials.

Backyard Safari Outfitters

Backyard Safari Outfitters

The Land and Water Habitat gives you the ability to create your very own little museum. This habitat can be the home of many exotic creatures. Including a built-in pool, and a sculpted terrain. With its clear dome, you have a 360 degree visual of your critters. I can’t wait to see if he catches a small gecko, that would be so neat!

The Magnifying Glass is a perfect tool for up-close examination, with its built-in scales that helps you measure your newly found specimens!

The Lazer Light Bug Vacuum helps you suck up those flying, crawling, buzzing bugs in your backyard. Look up close with the built-in magnifying glass, light them up and suck them up! The kids will just love this!

Each Backyard Safari Outfitter product was not cheaply made. They were all rough and tough and built to be played with in the wild backyard!

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Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. rebecca day says

    go to the park by our house and play in the splash pad it’s awesome

  2. fishing! well, pretending to fish

  3. Crystal Rogers Walker says

    To go camping with my Dad and family,miss those days

  4. sarah mickelson says

    Catching frogs!

  5. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    My favorite thing to do was go camping and cook over a fire!

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