Bacon: Man’s Best Friend’s Best Friend #woofyeah

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Bacon: Man's Best Friend's Best Friend #woofyeah
Our furry kids Roscoe, Passion, Mia are family to us. So we enjoy given them surprises, and gifts just as mush as we do our human children. They are just as excited, and always show how thankful they are. Coming up with ways to do something special with your dog is not always easy. However you really can’t go wrong with a tasty treat for them to enjoy.  
Pup-peroni has our pups saying ‘woof yeah’ this past International Bacon Day!
Is there any better feeling than sharing a moment of pure happiness with your pooch? I love see our dogs happy, and I absolutely love seeing our furry kids tail wagging, and watching them jumping around with excitement whenever they get a taste of thier favorite treats!
Bacon: Man's Best Friend's Best Friend #woofyeah
Just like when I do something special for my children, and I see how happy they are. I feel the same way about our furry kids. Sometimes we are just as excited as they are. So when I saw that International Bacon Day was coming up on the calendar, I wanted to find a way to celebrate one of my dogs favorite foods (who doesn’t love bacon, am I right??) with my favorite four-legged friends. 
Bacon: Man's Best Friend's Best Friend #woofyeah
We picked up Pup-peroni’s new Filet Mignon & Bacon Flavored treats and brought them home for a taste test with our furry kids. These treats are no joke – they’re made with delicious angus steak and pack a bacon-y punch that our dog absolutely loves.
Bacon: Man's Best Friend's Best Friend #woofyeah
Plus the soft, chewy texture gets them really excited. It’s not hard to tell they really enjoy these treats. I think we enjoy giving them Pup-Peroni’s Filet Mignon & Bacon Flavored treats as much as they all love eating them!
No matter how you celebrated ‘International Bacon Day’, your pooch will be saying “woof yeah” to the tasty flavor of Pup-Peroni Filet Mignon & Bacon treats!
Bacon: Man's Best Friend's Best Friend #woofyeah
Head on over to Pup-Peroni’s website to learn more about Pup-Peroni Filet Mignon & Bacon flavored dog snacks.
Do you have a personal ‘woof yeah’ moment with your dog? 
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  1. Awh, so cute! I’ll have to share this with my friend, always looking for new treats. Your dogs are adorable!

  2. Kendall Rayburn says

    My dogs love those too! Your pups are SO cute!

  3. I have a rottweiler and she is something else. She has a huge personality and tells me very well what she wants and does not want.

  4. I don’t have a dog but I know my cat sure loves treats. I love the looks on your dogs’ faces in those pictures. You know they wanted those treats!

  5. This is so cute! I love animals/pets, they are the best! What a great dog snack!

  6. Amber Killmon says

    Awww, what cuties they are! I wish my pup would eat treats like this but she is just too super picky.

  7. We adopted an older dog, so our woof yeah moments consist of every time he puts up with the shennanigans of three toddlers and all the things they do to him.

  8. Oh my goodness, the pic with him high fiving is so adorable. My dad’s dogs love this too, though they also like to beg for everything. lol

  9. Nicole Etolen says

    Oh, my dogs are going to like that treat! I will buy some for them.

  10. We don’t have dogs here but we do have a few back in my home country. That sounds like the best treat for dogs. Fillet mignon and bacon flavored? Oh yeah! 🙂

  11. Rebecca Swenor says

    Pup-Peroni Filet Mignon & Bacon treats sound like something my dog would love. I will have to get some for him for sure. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pets who are just adorable by the way and these awesome doggie treats.

  12. My dog Max loves Pup-Peroni treats. This reminds me that I’m running a little low on his stash! Time to restock!

  13. Chubskulit Rose says

    Love the blooper pic hehem they are so cute. Theur names are so cute too. We have two gur babies and they are like our kids as well.

  14. Aww, they’re all so cute! I don’t have a dog, but my moms dog always barks at me to go outside with her when I come over so I’ll squirt her with the hose. lol She’s a water loving, fruity dog.

  15. I can’t say that I have a “woof yeah” moment with my dog-nephew. He just likes having his belly rubbed and ears scratched by Auntie Nancy. I think he would enjoy Pup-Peroni in his Christmas stocking! Thanks for the idea! 🙂

  16. Elizaveta Hesketh says

    I love your pictures of your lovely dogs! They look very satisfied with the food, for sure! I don’t really have a dog myself, but will recommend this feed to some frineds who do have dogs – thank you for great advice, I have never seen this brand before!

  17. Nancy at Whispered Inspirations says

    Your pups are so cute, they look like they are loving these. Woof-yeah! I like that.

  18. Jennifer Van Huss says

    Your pups are too cute! I love rewarding my dog for behavior well down!

  19. Paula Schuck says

    Every time I give my dogs a treat they love, it’s a woof yeah moment. I love it when I can make them happy, and treats certainly do that!

  20. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle says

    My Woof Yeah moment was when my two guys finally figured out potty training. Like really figured it out. It was so nice to NEVER have to clean up another mess.