Bad Habits We Pick Up During The Winter

Bad Habits We Pick Up During The Winter

A lot of us are hundred times more cautious when winter hits. We have got to be on top of everything, we have to drive more safely when it snows. But some of us may be making it worse for ourselves without even knowing it. During the winter we may pick up some bad habits that can be quite dangerous. You may not notice at first what you are doing, maybe think twice before you do them, wonder if it is good or bad. Take a look at some of these bad habits drivers do during the winter, you may do some of these too. 

Warming Car Too Long 
We don’t want to be stuck with an icy car on early mornings. It is alright to let your car warm up for a few minutes right before you leave, but having your car warm up for too long is a bad habit some of us may have. We may leave it running while we finish getting ready, or go in and eat breakfast. But all the while it is wasting gas, polluting the air, and it can even ruin your spark plugs.
Using Hot Water To Defrost
Using scolding hot water to quickly defrost your windshield may be a quick fix, but can make a big problem. Just like a glass pan, if you take it out of the oven while it is still hot and decide to run it under cold water to cool it down before cleaning it, it will shatter. Now think about your cold windshield, do you really want to put hot water on it? Just take the extra couple of minutes to use an ice scraper. 
Letting The Gas Tank Hit Reach Empty
Some people have been driving their car for a long long time, and they think they ‘know’ their car and how far it can go on an empty tank. But during the winter it is not the best to push your car’s limits. The more air that is in your gas tank the higher the chance of ice forming inside where it can get into your fuel lines and cause trouble. Try to stay on top of the gas. 
Parking In The Sun
During the summer, many people avoid parking in the sun so their car won’t be an oven when they get in. But during the winter they start to park in the sun, so the car won’t be as cold when they get in. But the sun is very harsh on your car, and with it out in the sun it can damage your windshield badly. The color can start to fade and the material can crack or blister. Avoid parking directly in the sun, or use a sun windshield cover, if you can get one in time, a large piece of cardboard will do just fine. 
Driving Too Close While When It’s Snowing
Driving too close behind another car while it’s snowing can seem like a good idea, so you can follow the headlights in front of you. But what happens when the car in front of you stops abruptly, you aren’t at a bigger distance to stop safely without rear-ending the car. 
Faulty Wipers
A lot of drivers forget to change their wipers when winter hits. During the spring and summer and those crazy rainy days the wipers work hard, it is time to get new ones that work perfect. Having good working windshield wipers is a key component to your driving safety, the better they work the better your visibility is while driving. 
A lot of drivers have these bad habits, and aren’t aware of them. Palmer Dodge Georgia cares about it’s consumers, and want’s you to think before going out when the weather is bad. If it’s to dangerous just stay home.
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