Banish Is The Perfect Stocking Stuff This Holiday Season!

Disclosure: No compensation was given for this review. I did receive a free products from the manufacturer or their representing PR agency to use and test for the purposes of this review/story.

YouTube vlogger Daisy Jing who is only 27 years old. 5 years ago all from just a laptop she founded a multi-million beauty line called Banish. She already had issues with acne and literally tried 100’s of different beauty products to clear it up with no avail. She would then review them on her YouTube channel and share with her followers that are also suffering with the same problem as hers. She then developed a huge following of over 50M views on YouTube and became a trusted source of information in the realm of skin problems.

She eventfully decided to create her own natural skin care line that focuses on combating skin blemishes. Eventually,  her followers saw the amazing results these products had on her face, and encouraged her to launch her own business. She did and now has a team of 13+ women, inspiring confidence in others. 

Some of Banishes long line of products include:

The Starter Cleanser: $29
This is a natural cleanser that’s made with no sulfates, so it doesn’t foam and doesn’t dry your skin! This product is perfect for Teens.

Organic Aloe Vera: $15
This is a wonderful gift for children that have sensitive and dry skin. Light oil which is great for people with oily skin who want to avoid the greasy feel of heavy moisturizers. Just 1-2 drops for full effectiveness. 


Pumpkin Enzyme Mask: $29
We were sent the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask which is said to be great for dry skin and healing from any skin issues. Let me tell you this product works! I have had dry patches of skin every single day around the sides of the nose for the last year, and around my mouth and under my eyebrow hair. I know of all places right? Anyway this skin is so dry it flakes up like dandruff. Eww.

I have tried everything from oils to creams, and everything seems to be temporary. After 2 weeks of using this the product is still working! Yay! What this product helps do is it dries out active acne (making it smaller and diminishes it size), reverses skin damage, and brightens the skin. Watch acne dry up in 1-2 days! 

Vitamin C Beauty Elixir: $19
With the Vitamin C Beauty Elixir you will get that refreshing feel with the added benefits of Vitamin C! Contains organic ingredients so you can use it daily to tone skin, prevent breakouts, reduces redness and dark spots. It’s like water for the dehydrated skin. Use it anytime, anywhere. It’s just like water on your dehydrated skin.

Pore Smasher: $39
The Pore Smasher minimizes pores, cellulite, and stretch marks fast. It is also like having an ice facial with the effects of having a firm, smooth, and supple skin. No more pore strips needed. It’s like having an ice facial but for a minimal amount and less time.


Activated Charcoal Clay Masque: $29
The Activated Charcoal Clay Masque is another product we were sent. This product is for oily skin, blackheads, and large pores. It deep cleans your pores and draws out impurities. Takes a day or 2 in a week to see results! The charcoal absorbs all the toxins, the skin won’t reabsorb the bad stuff while the mask is on. Strong enough for a man and perfect for woman. 

I tried this product out on my husband, because he has large pores and very oily skin. He has used it 6 times in the last 2 weeks, and you can see such a noticeable difference. I remember when he would lean over to kiss me, and when his face would touch my glasses I would have to clean them off every single time, because his face would leave oil marks on my lenses. Well since using the Activated Charcoal Clay Masqus, I am happy to say that does not happen any more. 


I have only tried 2 of these product would great results from both. Would that being said I highly recommend Banish products this holiday season.

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