Bark Box Review

Bark Box Review

Recently I had the pleasure of trying, BarkBox. BarkBox is a monthly box of dog goodies, it’s only $17 a month and 10% of that goes to supporting a rescue group, and by the way it’s FREE shipping. BarkBox is full of four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog. To get your BarkBox today, choose a size of dog you have, choose a plan then get your BarkBox!

When I received the BarkBox, I got: Nature’s Miracle, it’s a scented freshening spray to freshen up your dog’s coat! A Hyper Pet slingshot toy that launches up to 100ft! Acadia Antlers, naturally shed from the moose of Maine is a long lasting, hard to chew antler that can withstand even the toughest of K9s’! Trail Mix by Milk Bone is a perfect little snack full of nutrients and that extra energy they need to play! And lastly, Elvis treats by Bocce’s Bakery, the best about these treats is that they are wheat free!

I first gave my dog Roscoe the Acadia Antler, and let me just say, he absolutely loved that thing! He chewed on it all day, and the day after that and after that! I definitely will get another one of these antlers for him. Next I gave him the Hyper Pet, I went out into the yard and launched the toy and we played fetch for a while. He just loved this toy! I think the Hyper Pet is a great product, it’s very durable and my dog liked it a lot. But sadly, after about 10 minutes he ended up chewing a hole in it. The Hyper Pet is a great toy, but it’s not heavy duty enough for my big chewer of a dog. But just by feeling it I can tell how durable it is. The toy even says its not for chewing, but I couldn’t just get it away from him! Hahaha. So I recommend this toy to people who have dogs that aren’t big chewers like my Roscoe.

Then I tried the Nature’s Miracle freshening spray. Before I read about it I thought it freshened my dog’s breath, don’t worry I didn’t spray it in his mouth I read the directions first! Hahaha! But it freshens his coat instead. Even better! Roscoe, my dog just STINKS! Everything he touches, or lays on stinks too. He stinks up the carpet, the couches, his dog pillow, blankets, everything! He really needed this freshening spray. When I sprayed him I instantly smelled the difference, where he laid he made it smell good after I sprayed this product on him. The scent of Nature’s Miracle is Baby’s Breath, but it actually smells more of a baby lotion scent. Then I gave him both the Trail Mix by Milk Bone and The Elvis treats by Bocce’s Bakery. My dog, just loved both of them. He gobbled them right up! I would highly recommended the BarkBox to anyone with a dog! Don’t forget to visit their site, to sign up today and get your BarkBox for your special K9 friend!

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Disclosure I received the BarkBox for free from in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. LOL, now this is tooo precious!! Great review I know my daughter would love to try their products out. He looks sooo innocent. Love this post and so glad he liked the treats!

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