Basic Preventive Car Maintenance

Regular basic car maintenance not only saves you money, but can help to reduce the risk of breaking down. Taking care of your car is very important if you want to keep it running smooth and get you from place to place with ease. These simple maintenance tips can make a big difference. So it’s important that you take the time to make sure certain things are checked regularly and maintained as needed.

King GM and associates want’s to see your car running smooth for a long time. So use these simple tips to do regular checkups to be sure things are running properly.

So whether you are a person who drives everyday or just once in a while, all cars need attention. These simple tips will help you with what to look for, what you should do and how to do a simple checkup on your car.

Some Basic Safety Checks You Can Do From Home

  • Check that all lights on the outside and inside are working. You can do this with one person or 2. If your on your own you can do this in a closed area like a garage by looking for the reflection of each light.
  • Make sure the horn is loud and working properly.
  • Check seat belts for wear and damage. Make sure the sea belts lock properly.
  • Check all the windows that are glass along with mirrors. Make sure they are clean and free from chips, scratches and cracks.
  • Check all tires including your spare for tire pressure, condition, tread wear and depth.
  • Make sure all wiper blades are working properly.
  • Be sure to test the handbrake to make sure it work well on a steep hill.
  • Put a large piece of flat cardboard under your car once it’s parked to test and see if you have any leaks. Sometimes if you do you will see it on your garage floor. These could indicate problem starting.

Check the Battery 

No one ever wants to be stranded. One way to prevent this is to check you car battery. Batteries need regular attention to avoid being drained or corroded. Every couple of months you should check the cables to make sure they are secure. Look for corrosion, and if you find any disconnect the cables and clean the battery terminals. A simple Google search can teach you how. The average battery lasts anywhere from 3 to 5 years.

Check Fluids

Checking your fluids monthly is very important especially the oil. Make a date monthly to do a thorough check of coolant, oil, and other fluids to be sure they are filled and not under what they should be.

Now that you have completed a simple car check up, let say you find an issue and you think something might be wrong with your car? Be sure to take it right in and get it check out before it cost you more money.

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