Be Savvy and Save Money on Moving House

When it comes time to move house, it generally means additional expenses that haven’t been factored in. Perhaps it’s higher costs in rent, new mortgage payments to commit to or even additional furniture that needs to be purchased. So if there are cost savings to be had when moving, you would look into it a bit more and take your move more seriously. 

It may be a well-known fact that moving itself is an expensive process but that doesn’t mean you have to invest all your hard earnt money on professional interstate removalists and premium packing services to achieve a successful move. Here are some top tips on being savvy without cutting corners:

Declutter your home

The most common mistake that people make when moving homes is that they get straight into packing all their belongings and possessions into moving boxes. In doing so, they are missing a crucial step in the moving process and that is to declutter your home before packing takes place. Sorting out what you are keeping, selling, donating and throwing will save you a tonne of money in the long run by not moving items that you will ultimately part with.

Call on the help of your friends

Gather as many friends as you can to help, let them know that you would do the same for them in the future. Friends do not mind helping as long as there is a good feed at the end. Don’t be a scrooge and keep them happy by having plenty of food, snacks and drinks available to them. There is nothing worse than moving on an empty stomach.

Rent a moving truck

Renting a moving truck is affordable and you usually have it for 24 hours. There are many moving trucks that are easy to drive and do not require you to hold a truck licence. If moving local or short distance, a moving truck is a savvy solution even if it requires you to do multiple trips to move all your furniture. However, when moving long distance between major cities it is recommended to compare moving companies and car transport providers, this is a simple task that can often save you hundreds and maybe thousands. Some even hire a man and van service to have a smooth and easy move.

Be on the lookout for cheap packing material

Packing material is cheap when you don’t need it and expensive when you do need it. Keep an eye out on packing tape, plastic and bubble wraps and moving blankets at the local hardware store and buy it when they have a special or promotion on. It is generally super cheap purchasing at the local store compared to the prices that moving companies are asking. Try to find moving boxes that are free, there are many people out there that have finished moving and need to get rid of their boxes.

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