Beautifying Our Rooms By Pretty Pink Curtains

Nothing’s like giving your house a pop of color! You can decorate your house in earthy tones with sophisticated furnishing or you can choose to go vintage with upcycled decor. But if you’re feeling colorful, add some brightness to your rooms with cheerful pink polka dot curtains with white or pastel furnishing.

If opting for the idea of using polka dot curtains, you can either go for a simple pink polka dot curtain on the whole as panels or you can add trimmings and patches in contrasting colors or prints such as stripes or chevrons to create an eye catching effect and add further details. You can also choose a curtain valance to accentuate the look of the curtains, this can be in the same print as the curtains or be in contrast with them.

The pink polka dot curtains can be done in a variety of ways, you can use cotton curtains with a lining behind them to block any noise and light, or they can be weighed down so that the borders don’t curl up. You can do them in soft lace and polyester to make them light and sheer if you want to let some sunlight in. The colors can be in all shades of pink, be it baby pink, a magnificent coral pink, a deeper carmine pink, bright pink, the eye catching flamingo pink and so on.

The pattern of polka dots can also be done in either pink polka dots on a white or cream background or the print can be reciprocated such that the background can be pink with white polka dots. You can browse the stores for the prints, these pink polka dots can be on a different backdrop such as purple or grey or brown even as light pink on dark pink or vice versa. The possibilities are limitless! Now, let me show you some in the chosen site Highendcurtain.

Depending on the type of room pink polka dot curtains can be modified as you per your liking, they are an ideal choice for the nursery in light tones of pink coupled with white, grey or dark pink. In the living room you can either choose to go bold with darker shades of pink or you can go for the more soft and relaxed look with flamingo or cotton candy pink, you can go purple with pink polka dots or you could mix panels of polka dot with a different pattern.

Also polka dot curtains can be made with banding in a contrasting color whether plain or printed. Add valance and decorative curtain ties, trims such as pompoms or fringes and you can choose some cushions of the same design to make the theme flow throughout the room.
Pink polka dot curtains are a pretty bold statement themselves, so make sure not to overdo the decoration of the room.

Adding subtle touches of color in a relatively plain backdrop can look attractive yet not overbearing. However if you decide upon bolder shades in the decor of your room, try not to make it overcrowded or add too many conflicting colors and patterns. It will create a look of confusion and disarray taking the limelight away from your beautiful curtains or making the room look just too cluttered.
This print is a lovely choice for those who dislike plain boring colors in their curtains. Such a lot can be done to add details to your curtains and with the right decisions in the overall decor, these curtains will reel in lots compliments and admiration for you taste and hard work.

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