Before Buying a Puppy – Read This

Everyone should consider owning a dog because there is nothing like the loyal friendship of a canine companion. However, that is where some problems may begin and is why you should truly understand each breed in terms of what it takes to care for them and keep them safe and happy. Before buying a puppy, read this information so that you can start looking in the right direction. 


Climate Is a Huge Factor

Some of the best advice in terms of dog breeds and climates comes from the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. He asks how you would like it if you had to be out in the middle of the day, perhaps the hottest day of the year, wearing a long fur coat. Well, that’s what long-haired breeds go through each and every day when living in hotter subtropical and tropical climates. Before choosing that cute little guy you saw on the online puppy store, take the time to learn about the breed.

A good hint is to look at the breed’s origins. However, the length of your dog’s coat should be indicative as to what type of climate that particular breed will flourish in. A good rule of thumb is to remember that the longer the dog’s hair, the colder the climate your friend can tolerate – and vice versa.


Dispelling the Outdoor Myth

One of the most common myths about dogs is that they thrive better outdoors where they have plenty of room to run and play. In fact, according to one Pennsylvania dog handler, Bill Gorton, dogs actually do better indoors than out! Why? The answer is simple. Dogs are social creatures by nature. They crave companionship and do better around (and part of!) the family than left to their own devices outdoors.

Give Healthy Treats While Training

When training your dog it’s important when giving them treats that you don’t overdo it and to choose healthy treat options. Using treats to teach your dog tricks and commands is a great idea. We just can’t overdo the amount we give them. When you just start out training with treats don’t let the dog eat treat after treat for actions he did not complete. This will teach the dog to eventually expect the treat rather than learning to do the commands. 

Learning to Monitor Your Dog’s Health

We all know that the ‘normal’ baseline body temperature for a human is right around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit but dogs have a wider range of what is considered to be a normal temperature. A dog, when it’s healthy, can have a normal temperature between 100.5 and 102.5 degrees and so it is imperative that you run a baseline temperature to know when your dog is running a ‘fever.’ Also, you will need to learn your dog’s breathing patterns, recognize unnatural sleep/wake patterns and other behaviors that can be quickly spotted if they suddenly change. This is not something you can actually learn prior to buying a new puppy, but it is something you need to know you will be responsible for learning.

One very important fact that many new dog owners just don’t understand is that when it comes to a dog, they are loyal beyond words. This is why it is stressed that you, as the responsible human, need to be cognizant of how climate affects your canine family member. Who in your family would literally die of heat stroke without ever muttering a complaint? Your dog would and that’s no joke! To be near his or her human, your dog will suffer untold hardships and this is the most important thing you can learn before buying a puppy of any kind whatsoever. Are you prepared for this amount of responsibility? This is the most important question you can ask before choosing a cute little puppy online.


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