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Spring is in full bloom and summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to freshen up your old look. There are many places online to find fabulous makeup and skincare from high end brands. I recently shopped and found some great Ben Nye products at decent prices. The products I picked up are: Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder, Ben Nye Makeup Matte Foundation Palette, Ben Nye Makeup Media PRO HD Concealer Adjuster Palette and the Ben Nye Makeup Essential Eye Shadow Palette.


A must have this summer is this Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder that is a translucent powder that’s used to set creme makeup for hours of wear. Use you favorite foundation or BB Cream and set with the Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder to create a long lasting, beautiful soft matte finish.

Ben Nye from Stage Makeup Online

Ben Nye Makeup Essential 8 Eye Shadow Palette is a very highly pigmented matte palette with all neutral shades of browns and black.  I love that these shadows will apply to the eye as they look in the palette, because they are so intensely pigmented. With that being said you won’t have to keep building product to get your desired color. There for it makes them a great product for woman of color too. The shadows are superb quality and have a very soft and creamy feel. In addition these palette’s are full of a ton of product, so you will get your money’s worth. The shades included in this palette are Mink Sole, Black, Graphite, Smokey Taupe, Black-Brown, Vanilla, Shell and Cork.

Ben Nye from Stage Makeup Online

Next we have the wonderful Ben Nye Makeup Media PRO HD Concealer Adjuster Palette. This is a very diverse palette that can be used for most skin complexions. It comes with 18 different shades that include concealers, DuraCovers and Mojave Adjusters and they are great for HD broadcast because the pigments are very small and the camera wont pick up on them. With this palette you will be able to correct almost any skin imperfections for a flawless look. Perfect for a durable long lasting coverage. Great for use when covering dark under eyes, tattoos, birthmarks and vitiligo.

Ben Nye from Stage Makeup Online

Lastly I got the Ben Nye Makeup Matte Foundation Palette. You will get 12 foundations in this palette for using on stage or if you choose you can use it for everyday wear.  Perfect for just about every skin tone. This matte formula will provide you with a flawless, natural coloring from sheer to full coverage in a light, silky texture. Easily blend colors for your optimal shade. This palette has very full coverage and is buildable if needed.

Ben Nye from Stage Makeup Online

Ben Nye from Stage Makeup Online

Ben Nye from Stage Makeup Online

Create these beautiful looks and more with Ben Nye product from

Ben Nye from Stage Makeup Online

Ben Nye from Stage Makeup Online

Ben Nye from Stage Makeup Online

Ben Nye from Stage Makeup Online

Ben Nye from Stage Makeup Online

Ben Nye from Stage Makeup Online

Ben Nye from Stage Makeup Online

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  1. Emy Cooks says

    Love the colors. I like how you did the makeup so well. Never heard of the brand but will have a look and see the colors.

  2. Great review on this makeup. I never heard of this brand before but now I need to check them out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow that makeup is stunning! You did a nice job applying that.

  4. I’m loving your makeup palettes, I wish I was more into makeup because it looks like such a GREAT product!

  5. I don’t wear makeup, but this seems like the product to get, I will have to pass it along to my friend with a beauty blog.

  6. SusieQTpies says

    I have never heard of Ben Nye but will be checking it out. I have 3 teen girls so you can only imagine the makeup we go through. You are rockin’ the eyes. Can you come do mine? lol Thanks for the review.

  7. Liz Mays says

    Those are wonderful products to work with, and they created quite a striking and dramatic look!

  8. katrina G says

    I am a makeup junkie. I love new colors, eye make up, i’m just not a huge lipstick wearer. I love the color palettes. I will have to check those out.

  9. lisa jones says

    Lots Of Great Shades I Must Try This Product TY!

  10. That face powder sounds pretty appealing. I really like the eye shadow on your eyes. Your pictures turned out really nice. Is this only sold online?

  11. Michelle F. says

    Those are great looking products. I love the way you did your eye shadow.

  12. Rebecca Swenor says

    I have been looking for new make-up thanks for sharing.

  13. Franc Ramon says

    They have all the color palettes that can match your skin tone. You also did a nice make up on your eyes.

  14. Paula Parker says

    I love the eye shadow. Smokey eye and glittery too. What a combo. Love it.

  15. Kungphoo says

    Thanks for the info.. My wife is always looking to make her makeup better.. To me she looks fine the way she is..

  16. Patricia says

    These makeup palettes look fantastic! Your pictures are stunning and show this product well. I love the look you created using this makeup.

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