Best Dog Friendly Vehicle

Many of us dog owners wish we could take our dogs every where we go (well most of us do). We consider our pooches to be part of the family so we want them to experience things we do, whether they be simple things like just running a few errands and having your dog in the car with you, sticking their head out the window seeing all the other cars, people and other dogs and animals. It can be a great bonding experience as well. Your pooch will get excited to jump in the car with you anywhere. But before they do, make sure you have a dog friendly car. One that’ll fit your dog whether they are small or big. 
Best Dog Friendly Vehicle
The 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek 2.0i Premium SUV at would definitely suit you and your furry friend’s needs. With a large trunk and back seat bench, your pooch will have plenty of room to wander from window to window. Dogs don’t really care for fancy features and such, just some nice A/C and plenty of room and they will be set. However, the 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek would be the best choice, it has great features that’ll benefit you thus giving your dog a great ride. Those features include:
  • Key less remote entry
  • Rear Door bins (that’ll come in handy when storing some dog treats, toys, etc.)
  • Power windows
  • Front beverage holders
  • Speed control
Best Dog Friendly Vehicle
Plus other features that you and (maybe your dog) will enjoy. Not only is this a great dog friendly vehicle, it can sit up to 5 people, so this car can make for a great family friendly vehicle as well! Add in little Spot and you’ve got one happy commercial family. Or you can just keep it simple with a nice drive with and you furry friend. With such great space you can invest in back seat dog canopy in case your dog has a little accident or you have a very hairy dog. There’s even cages that can fit in the trunks of cars if your traveling with others and need to result in putting Spot in the back, With the rear view window he’ll still enjoy the fun ride. 
Or even if you have a smaller pooch, kindly let them sit in the passenger sit, If you are worried about your pooch walking all over the center console stepping on buttons, no need to worry, majority of the buttons are out of reach for them and are spread around the driver’s area, on the steering wheel, and driver’s side door. 
The 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek will suit you and your pooches.  
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