Best Electric Generator You Can Use On Your Home to Aid Power Interruption

There are endless reasons you might end without power at home, and at this point you will need a reliable source of electricity that will keep the home lit. Many homes rely on electricity power to run appliances and components, so when there is a power interruption it could cause a lot of frustration if you lack a backup plan. You don’t need to worry when the power grid goes down as you can supplement power using an electric generator.

Here are the best electric generators you can pick for your home to aid power interruption.

WEN 56200i

The WEN electric generator weighs only 48 pounds and is a powerful source of electricity that can power your home when there is a power interruption. Its operating is quiet (51 decibels) and this means it’s softer than the voice you get from two people conversing. With the WEN you will get 2,000 surge watts or 1600 running watts, which is enough to power your appliances and devices. Its inputs include two three-prong 120V ports, one 5V USB, and the second 12V DC. It also has more plugs to charge up your electronics and appliances. A single tank will give you six hours continuous running.

Yamaha EF2000iS

The Yamaha EF2000iS is the quietest electric home generator you can buy for your home. It comes with a decibel rating of 51.5 and has good combination of performance and size. These generators get power from fixed DC sources, and you could even use to with a car battery. With just 1,600 Watts the generator can give 2,000 Watts. It offers enough power to run a few of your appliances in the house and lights. Its portability is a bonus as you can position it as you like, and you also have an option where you can pair the generator with another unit for more power output.

Briggs & Stratton 30663

The Briggs & Stratton 30663 is powered by a 7,000 Watt engine. This is one of the best generators you can pick when you have a high power requirement as it is built to give high power output and run for many hours. The generator can allow you to power both appliances and power tools. It runs on a 7.5-gallon engine that is able to run for more than 9 hours continuously on a 50 percent load capacity. However, the unit is heavier and you might need support to move it around.

Honda EU2000i

This is a lightweight generator that is durable and user-friendly. It runs at 59 decibels and weighs only 46 pounds. It runs on a 1.1-gallon fuel tank and its power output is enough to run the generator for four hours at 100 percent load capacity. On a 25 percent load capacity, the generator will do 9.6 hours. It comes equipped with two AC outlets plus one DC, and these allow you flexibility to power different appliances at home.

Buying a generator is a good decision as you don’t know when there will be a power interruption. You should prepare for any uncertainties by having an electric generator that can power your appliances. Some of the generators listed here are your best choice when you want to power your home, so if you are buying consider these as your priority list.


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