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Small creatures of Minutia lived in harmony from the Green Glades to the foothills of Mount Boom, until one night, terror came flying in in a meteor that struck Mount Boom. This meteor brought with it a peculiar force that turned the normal slugs that resided there into an army of greedy,greenery-gobbling pests!

Best Fiends App Review #LoveBestFiends             
This army of slugs are taking over the world, munching right through Minutia leaving a slimy, treacherous path behind them. Have no fear! A group of brave heroes are standing up and fighting back against these slugs. These brave little creatures were left behind after the slugs captured their families, they are on an epic quest to save their parents and fight off the army of slugs. To venture off to Mount Boom, they must become, The Best Fiends….
 Best Fiends App Review #LoveBestFiends
Sounds like an all new action movie right? Well guess again, its an addictive, action, strategy game! Available for free for Apple and Android Phones. This is a game that all ages can enjoy! It’s so addictive, little Timmy home from school and is done with his homework? He’ll be playing Best Fiends until dinner time! Grandma Ann is at bingo with friends but ends up missing the numbers because she’s playing Best Fiends! You will get so immersed into this game, you’ll become competitive with friends, get to high levels, you’ll become attached to the characters, anxious and ready to level them up and evolve them so they can do more damage to fight off the slugs and be one step closer to saving their parents.
  Best Fiends App Review #LoveBestFiends
Best Fiends is a puzzle, shape match game. Where you have to match the shapes, and the more you match together the stronger the damage against the slugs will be! Each shape has a group of corresponding Fiends that have attacks based on that shape. As you move higher into the levels you will randomly find different Fiends. There are up to 20 playable Fiends, in which you can switch between different ones with different special attacks for different levels. Each Fiend can fully evolve with the right amount of Meteormites.
 Best Fiends App Review #LoveBestFiends
Which can be found in battle, or from boxes. Boxes can be unlocked when you have keys, which can be rewarded to you for finishing a level, or from finding them in battle. If you don’t have any keys you can buy up to 3 at a time with diamonds which can also be rewarded after finishing a level or from finding them during battle. But as you get higher in the levels it’ll cost more diamonds for keys. You also have a certain number of energies, it’ll cost energy to play levels, and once you run out you can either buy some with diamonds or wait a penalty of time for more energy to be restocked, in addition you have a certain amount of moves. If you don’t complete the goals for the level in the amount of moves given you will have to restart the level.  
I have become so addicted to this game, It is free so I was quick to download it. I play it all the time, I get stuck on some levels and play them over and over until I beat it! After so many tries I feel so accomplished and scream out in victory! Best Fiends is one of those games that gets you so frustrated yet you keep playing because deep down inside you know you can beat it. This game will have you on the edge of your seat, or bed, or floor, where ever you may play this game at. I don’t know how many times I was so close to finishing a goal for a level with only 2 moves left and right when I think I got it……I don’t. Although I may get frustrated during battle I love finding new Fiends and reading about them and seeing their special attack.
You start off with a Fiend named Temper, Temper is a masked mite with a Horizontal Bomb as a special power. There is no order in which you get the Fiends. My second Fiend however, was Kwincy, Kwincy is a little multi-eyed spider.
 Best Fiends App Review #LoveBestFiends  Best Fiends App Review #LoveBestFiends
There are many many more Fiends with different names and they all correspond to their shape and color in which they are grouped. For example.
 Best Fiends App Review #LoveBestFiends  Best Fiends App Review #LoveBestFiends  Best Fiends App Review #LoveBestFiends  Best Fiends App Review #LoveBestFiends
Temper is green and the shape of his attacks are of a green leaf. Kwincy is yellow and the shape if his attack is a yellow flower. The other shapes are a purple mushroom, red strawberry, and a blue water droplet. There are 4 Fiends per shape group.
 Best Fiends App Review #LoveBestFiends
I am currently on level 43, and It has taken me so long to get here, But this game is so addicting! 

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