Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers


Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

It may seem easy to choose outdoor toys for toddlers to many, since children are easily entertained, but it takes more than choosing whatever distracts them for a few hours. When choosing toys for kids, you need to consider the safety, age of the child and if the toys will be useful in the development of the toddler. You need toys that will challenge your toddler and help improve their language and thinking skills. This article discusses just that.


When choosing a scooter for a toddler, make sure you pick the right one according to their age and weight. Scooters help the child develop motor skills and also boosts their physical confidence. It is also a good alternative to them riding a bicycle, if for whatever reason they couldn’t ride one. In deciding whether to buy a two or three wheel scooter, you can check for information regarding scooters. Scooters are toys that your kids grow with and most never get tired of riding them.


Balls are easy to choose and affordable. They are toys that you can introduce to your child at an early age since they strengthen motor skills and make the child familiarize with the environment. Balls fascinate little children when they roll and make continuous movement. They are toys that your kids will use even when they grow older. When choosing balls for toddlers, consider the age of your baby to know the size of the ball to buy.

Some balls are too big that the child may strain to lift them up. Buy balls that will help your baby strengthen their muscles as they throw and kick. You may need to put rules when your kids play with balls. Let them know that they should not use them as weapons and that balls thrown in the house could cause damage or harm the pets. Teach them to keep their games simple.

Water guns

These are toys that kids use to soak one another with water. Water guns are fun to play with and strengthen muscles. When toddlers squeeze the water from the gun and aims it at their partner, the muscles get stronger. It also helps to aim and improves their concentration. Buy water guns that are easy to hold and easy to fill with water. As the kids run after each other splashing water, their leg muscles are developed and most kids who are in the process of learning how to walk get to do so confidently.

Water tables

Water table toys give toddlers an opportunity to use their senses in discovering the natural world. You can also put sand in the tables or colorful beads. Most kids love playing with water and sand, since it brings a lot of fun. It is an outdoor toy that is educational and really engaging. This game is more interesting when played at the beach during Summer.


Playhouses are mostly made of wood in the backyard of your home. These houses give kids an opportunity to create their own games. A playhouse gives a toddler freedom to play under a roof without worry of destroying items inside the house. Kids get to invite their friends over to the playhouse to play together. Make sure the playhouse is safe for kids to play without supervision.

Slides and Swings

Slides are the most common outdoor toys in almost every home. Kids get bored doing one activity at a time, and so parents find it easier to put up a slide at the compound of their homes to keep the children busy. They come in different sizes and colors and are  affordable, especially if you install them yourself. You can choose to have plastic or wooden slides. Slides are an easy way to keep kids fit. The climbing and running on slides reduce the chances of your children being obese. Swings too are a fun toy for toddlers, but very small children should swing with a supervision of an adult. Swings may be dangerous, especially for children who do not know how to support themselves.

Toys play an important role in the development of children. They not only keep them busy, but also improve their milestones. This is also the time you get to discover your children’s talents and start nurturing them. Before purchasing toys for kids, get to know what they seem to love doing most and also their age. It is also important to get toys that will be safe for toddlers. Some toys are too small and kids get tempted to put them in their mouth. When toddlers play with toys like beads and tiny stones should be under the supervision of a grown up.

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