Best Ranged Weapons in OSRS

Old School Runescape has managed to attract a wealth of players over the years predominantly due to its variety. There is a lot to be getting on with in the game, whether its skill levelling, collecting OSRS gold, hunting demons, and so much more. To engage in some of the more challenging activities in the popular MMO, you are going to want to know what the best ranged weapons are to give yourself a bit of an advantage. Ranged combat is a very viable tactic, and something that will come in useful throughout, so naturally you will want to make sure you are well equipped. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best ranged weapons in OSRS. 

Crystal Bow

The Crystal Bow prides itself on being a very accurate weapon. It offers a Ranged bonus of +100, and has one of the longest ranges of all the weapons in OSRS. So, if you find yourself in a battle that requires you to attack from distance, this bow can come in very handy to you. It has the ability for you to use blessings on it instead of ammunition, which gives it a +1 or +2 Prayer bonus, so you don’t need to worry about using any precious ammo with it. 

Roving Elves will need to be completed before you can get the bow, and you will also need to get your Agility and Ranged up to 50 and 70 respectively in order to wield it. 

Craw’s Bow

Bows are certainly the order of the day where the best ranged weapons are concerned, and we continue on with the Craw’s Bow. This weapon can offer heavily increased accuracy when charged with revenant ether, which is needed in order to power the bow. You can also expect a damage boost when attacking NPCs in the Wilderness. What’s more, it stacks with either a Salve Amulet or a Slayer Helmet, which overall makes it the most powerful ranged weapon that can be used in the Wilderness. 

In order to get the bow, you will need to find it as a drop from revenants in the Revenant Caves. Once you have done so, you will need to be level 60 for Ranged if you want to wield it. And don’t forget, even though it provides its own ammunition, it needs to be charged with revenant ether. 

Armadyl Crossbow

Shifting to crossbows briefly now, and the Armadyl Crossbow is something that you should strongly consider adding to your arsenal. The bow has good attack speed, range and accuracy, but perhaps its most exciting feature is the special attack. This is known as the Armadyl Eye, which will double your accuracy with that shot. There is also the chance that you can repeat the use of the attack with enchanted bolts which could collectively really do some damage. It is also the only crossbow in the game which has a Prayer bonus.

To wield the Armadyl Crossbow, you will need to have a Ranged level of 70. The only possible way of acquiring it is as a drop by Commander Zilyana, the leader of Saradomin’s forces in the God Wars Dungeon. 

Twisted Bow

The Twisted Bow is another great bow for you to find. In a similar fashion to the Crystal Bow, the Twisted Bow has a great range, stretching across 10 tiles. It does work a bit differently however compared to other bows in the sense that it has increased accuracy and damage depending on how high the Magic level or Magic accuracy of your enemy is. This effect makes it a very, very useful bow to have against enemies that have a high level of Magic. 

To get this weapon, you will need to be rewarded with it from the Chambers of Xeric. To wield it, you will need 75 Ranged. And what’s more, it can fire any kind of arrows that are in the game. 

Toxic Blowpipe

Not quite a bow or a crossbow, but the Toxic Blowpipe can be deadly in the right hands. It can be made with a chisel being used on a tanzanite fang, which you need 53 Fletching for. Those who do use the blowpipe have the chance to inflict venom on their foe, which increases from 25% to 100% when used with a Serpentine Helm. 

The Toxic Blowpipe has a special attack too, known as the Toxic Siphon. This increases the damage by 50%, and heals you half of the damage dealt to your opponent. If your target dies, you are healed by how much damage would have been dealt out if they had survived.

All of these weapons are great choices for Ranged situations in Old School Runescape. They might not be able to be obtained that easily, but plenty of grinding and collecting OSRS gold where possible will soon see you on your way to acquiring them. Don’t forget, if you are struggling if in-game currency, you have the option to buy OSRS gold, as well as sell OSRS gold via a number of resources online.

Have you managed to find any of these weapons? Let us know in the comments section below!

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