Best Surprises for Your Special Someone on Special Occasion

Best Surprises for Your Special Someone on Special Occasion

Are you celebrating an anniversary or probably birthday of your significant other? It is important that you prepare something special to show the person how special they are to you. In this article, we will give you some ideas that you can consider. Throwing surprises can be a daunting task for some people but with enough preparations, there is nothing to worry about so it is advisable that you plan in advance.

Here are some ideas on how to surprise your special someone for a very special occasion:

1. Plan a weekend trip to the beach – Australia has a lot of beautiful beaches waiting to be explored so to celebrate a special occasion, you can plan a weekend trip to the beach. You can visit Bondi beach in Sydney or go for the gold coast. It would be nice to spend a peaceful weekend away from the hustle of the city and most especially away from work. It would be a great time to spend quality time together. Your partner will definitely love this idea.

2. Set up a romantic dinner for the two of you – surprise her with an invitation to a fine dining restaurant in Sydney wherein the two of you will taste dishes by world-class chefs while looking at a breath-taking view. This will definitely make her feel like a queen so be sure to give her a memorable time.

3. Go out of the country – if you have time and budget, then you can also organize a surprise out of the country trip. You can go to Paris, New York or any destination that you both love to visit. Spending time in a new environment will make the occasion more memorable and enjoyable. 

4. Have a day of pampering – are you two usually swamp up with work that you seldom find time to relax? Well, for a special occasion like anniversary, be sure to organize a day of pampering for the two of you. You should spend the day having a spa and massage, a new haircut, manicure-pedicure, have a nice meal and basically just enjoy the day
together doing things that will make you feel relax. You should forget about work even for just a day.

5. Prepare a special video greeting – lastly, if you’re good with technology then maybe you can create a special video as a greeting for your significant other. Gather special video footage of you two together, from trips you had in the past, special occasions you spent together and in the end, tell them how you wish to spend every day and every special occasion together. It would be a touching surprise for sure.

Surprising your special someone need not to be expensive. You just need to exert personal effort and dedication to make things extra sweet, special and memorable. If you’re usually busy then be sure to free up the date to spend it with your special someone to celebrate the special occasion. It will be very much appreciated for sure.


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