Bike Bandit Honda Z50 Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Buying Guide

Honda Z50 Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Buying Guide

Your Honda Z50 is proof that dynamite comes in small packages. As a minibike rider, you don’t need to prove that your ride is the biggest and the best because you’re too busy having fun. Just because it’s already a blast doesn’t mean you can’t add on some Honda Z50 aftermarket parts and accessories. These mini-machines give you an excellent opportunity to make custom modifications for less. Consider choosing a few of these mods the next time you shop rather than just looking at the motorcycle riding gear on sale:

Smoothbore Carburetor

If you ask most bikers for advice about minibike mods, they just tell you to add on a bigger engine. While that certainly gives you more power, it’s not particularly easy nor always practical.

For Z50s with carbs, there is a way to increase horsepower without completely redoing the engine. A smoothbore carburetor reduces the restriction on your airflow. By decreasing the turbulence, your combustion chambers get more oxygen for better performance.

Comfort Grips

How you want to outfit your minibike is influenced by who’s doing the riding. A youth rider typically needs different accessories than an adult.

New grips, however, are one choice that everyone can appreciate. While this isn’t exactly a big-bore cruiser, there’s less frame to absorb the shaking from the engine. Gel grips typically get the nod, but any set of comfort grips can dampen the vibration for a more enjoyable ride.

Thumb Throttle

This mod is mainly about convenience. If you’re riding a small motorcycle, you do a lot of correcting with your bodyweight. A twist throttle can reduce fatigue, but it’s hard to control when you’re moving from side to side.

When you’re doing a lot of accelerating and decelerating, a thumb throttle can be your best friend. It allows for precise control even if you need your hands planted for balance.

Fork Accessories

If you’re a full-sized adult on a minibike with a 50cc engine, you’re going to be pushing the suspension. A Z50 doesn’t have the same shock absorption needs as a motocross bike, but it does need to be comfortable.

For owners who aren’t going to redo the fork springs, consider fork accessories. Fork boots and other guards can help your suspension stay in top shape. When you weigh more than your motorcycle, you need your compensation to be perfect.

Skid Plate

Whether it’s designed for the trails or not, you have to try your minibike off-road. Dueling with ATVs and dirt bikes is out, but even challenging the local fields is a blast. However, you shouldn’t attempt these hazards without protection.

Your Z50 doesn’t have the armor that larger enduro machines possess. A concealed rock or vicious log could put a catastrophic gash in your bike’s internals. High-quality Honda motorcycle accessories such as a skid plate can put durable metal between the rock and your hard place.

The only way to make the fun any bigger on your motorcycle is by adding serious mods. Whether they’re for comfort or performance, new parts should always bring something exceptional to the table. Shop online to get all your questions answered by knowledgeable associates as well as convenient delivery.

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