Body Parts That People Mostly Bleach

Body Parts That People Mostly Bleach

Skin lightening is something that most dark skinned people have done for a number of reasons. Some lighten their entire skin complexion and others some body sections. Initially, bleaching was only done by women but nowadays men to undertake the bleaching process. Various mechanisms are used for body parts bleachings like whitening soaps, lotions, creams, and bleaching surgeries. The following are body parts that most people bleach.


Having dark underarms is embarrassing to most women. It hinders one from raising arms in the air, wearing strappy clothes during sunny days and playing sports. Armpit darkens due to a number of reasons like a reaction to deodorants and skin care products, friction from tight clothing, shaving, and buildup of dead skin cells. Underarms can be lightened naturally or using under arm whiteners.


Anal bleaching was mostly done by adult movie star entertainers but nowadays more people are doing it. To some the idea is crazy but to others it makes them feel more confident, cleaner especially when exposing their bodies during intimacy. Majority of woman’s butt is dark because of friction between clothes and between the body and the sits. In most cases, anal bleaching consists of lightening the skin around the anus. It can be done through homemade remedies, lightening creams and surgery. The debate has emerged whether anal bleaching is safe and which is the best mechanism to use. That’s why, before you undertake the surgery you should look up for at so as to get guidance on the most appropriate way to do it.

Inner Thighs

Dark inner thighs are a problem that very many people face. It is caused by friction, shaving or use of hair removal products, sweating between the thighs and hormonal imbalance among other reasons. People lighten the inner thighs so they can look good in shorts skirts and bikinis. Bleaching of inner thighs is done through lightening creams, home remedies, and surgeries.


The face is the most common body part that people bleach. This is because everyone wants a glowing, scar less, flawless and brighter looking skin. It is a popular practice because beauty is associated with a fair complexion. People whiten their faces because they want to get rid of freckles, acne marks, dark spots, and any skin discoloration problems. Also, a number of people bleach their faces because they feel a lighter skin will make them look better. Face bleaching is done by use of whitening creams, soaps, home remedies and surgery.

Body parts bleaching are a trending behavior all over the world that is practiced by celebrities and the common human beings. People bleach for a number of reasons with the main one being they would like to look better than the way they currently look. Furthermore, when some people lighten their body parts they feel more confident and have a higher self-esteem. There is always critic concerning the safety of body parts bleaching. However, if conducted safely with the right surgeries, chemicals, and procedures, bleaching is safe. Moreover, one should always research before starting a certain bleaching procedure to avoid regrets.

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