BombPop’s New Water Melon Flavore

It’s nearly in the midst of the summer where it gets the hottest, and everyone is grabbing ice cold drinks, slushies and of course Popsicles to keep cool!

BombPop's New Water Melon Flavore

So how about to grab yourself a BombPop! For more than 50 years, kids and adults alike have enjoyed BombPop’s waves of fruit flavor. Although so many of us have memories running to catch the ice cream truck to get this summer time favorite, now you can have it available in your freezer at any time! I’ve always loved BombPops and gave them to my kids, now they have a new flavor, WaterMelon!

The top half looks like the inside of a watermelon and the bottom half looks like the outside of a watermelon. My kids love BombPops and love this new flavor. I had the box in my freezer for about three days and they were all gone! I guess it’s time to go get more.

BombPop's New Water Melon Flavore

The flavor is a sweet watermelon flavor with candy seeds that will leave you wanting more and of courses it ll keep you cool throughout this hot summer! They are great to give out during barbecues, parties, or nice to just kick back and have a cool one.

If your family brand of Popsicle isn’t BombPop I highly recommend you make it then, kids, adults, everyone will love them! The best way to satay cool in the hot summer sun is to rip open a box of BombPops and have a cool, tasty Popsicle!

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