Botox Will Easily Freshen Up Your Aging Looks, You Can Do Out Patient Procedures

My birthday is just around the corner and I will be 36 years old. I can’t believe it, because I still feel like 1990 was just yesterday. I guess it’s good I still physically feel young  as we as young at heart. Well over the past year I have been doing a lot of thinking and worrying about getting old. It really bothers me a lot. The thought of more wrinkles and gray hair which I already have scares the heck out of me. I try to color my hair but the greys are just right back within 2 weeks. My kids and husband always say I don’t look old and I am beautiful, but you all know your children and husband will always tell you that. But I can see my age and the greys just creeping up.

I guess for any woman after years of smiling and frowning you might start to noticed some undesirable wrinkles on our foreheads, between our eyebrows, and around your eyes. I have recently started thinking about ways to reduce my wrinkles and prevent more. I did a little research and really am considering botox. I heard botox will easily freshen up your aging looks, and that you can do out patient procedures. Plus I also read it is a great way you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and add volume to facial features such as the lips and cheeks. I found I can get botox in Tamarac, FL which is not to far from me. It would make for a nice road trip.

I also found there are other options like dysport. The difference between botox and dysport are that they are the same product botulinum toxin A, a derived proteitn that works by relaxing targeted muscles. The Dysport protein is slightly smaller so it works quicker. It’s also known to be faster onset and a cheaper price.

Have you had botox or dysport, and if so what was your experience?


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