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I recently had the pleasure trying Boylan soda from the Boylan Bottling Company. These are not your average sodas. They remind me of going to my grandmas house when I was younger and she would give me a fresh cold pop. She always bought the cream flavored sodas. So I have come to love them over the years along with root bear. I received the Winter Wonderbox 12 Pack. It came in a pretty red festive Holiday Box. Filled with 4 Root Beer, 4 Ginger Ale, 4 Black Cherry and 4 Creamy Red Birch Beer. The perfect combination to please everyone! These soda are truly flavor filled. If it says cream you better believe you will taste it. The are probably the best sodas I have tasted since I was a kid. The Winter Wonderbox is a must have for every Holiday Party this year!

Boylan Bottling Company is hand crafted, cane-sugar-sweetened sodas. Remember way back when sodas were all about flavor? Instead of all the sodas are made with sweetened syrups. Boylan puts the TLC in their recipes and formulas along with only pure cane sugar (instead of high fructose corn syrup) to enhance those flavors. Then their sodas are packaged in thick glass bottles with the perfect amount of carbonation. Trust me these are so much better than the sodas we see on the market everyday and all over the TV.  This soda will make you say “Wow!” when you taste it.

They carry a wide range of cane-sugar-sweetened sodas such as Root Beer, Black Cherry, Ginger Ale, Crème, Creamy Red Birch Beer, Birch Beer, Cane Cola, Orange and Grape!

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  1. rootbeer

  2. Nicole Stanke says

    Cream Soda!!!

  3. My favorite soda was and is Dr.Pepper

  4. Root Beer or Cream Soda tied

  5. Richard Wright says

    Root beer was my favorite. It and ginger ale are probably my favorites now…

  6. stephany perry says

    love cream soda

  7. I loved birch beer.

  8. christine jessamine says

    i loved root beer

  9. Ariane Molloy says

    My favorite was Coca Cola as a kid. Now it is Diet Dr Pepper

  10. root beer

  11. Michelle dement says

    Cream soda…and it’s still my fave I actually have some in my kitchen now 🙂

  12. Root beer was my fav

  13. Rootbeer

  14. Ttrockwood says

    Um, i wasnt really allowed to have soda as a kid! But now i like gingery ginger ale and sometimes “sasparilla”

  15. Angela Marie says

    Rootbeer cause we always made floats with it 🙂

  16. root beer

  17. I loved Sprite. I still do! But I really just love soda. The bubbles tickle my nose 🙂

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