ButlerInSuits finest Cleaning Tips for Housekeeping and Home Cleaning in Singapore


ButlerInSuits finest Cleaning Tips for Housekeeping and Home Cleaning in Singapore

A well-kept home is a happy and cheerful place. If you have kids at home, a clean and tidy home is essential to make it healthy for the kids. More than the health aspects, everyone loves to come back to a clean home compared to a messier one. Imagine getting back from a tiring day at work to a clean and fresh scented home. This is possible with the right cleaning services employed at home while you are at work. To find the best way to get your house sorted is by following pro advice. If you are after self-cleaning your house, these tips will be handy.

Top Tips From Butler In Suits to Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy:

Today, households that are owned by a couple who are both employed is really hard to maintain. Keeping the house neat and tidy seems like an obstacle that’s very hard to overcome. Since the time they spend at home is relatively short, compared to the time they spend away from home, it is best to hire a housekeeping and home cleaning service provider to do the work for you. Getting in touch with a good housekeeping service can save your time and energy. The home cleaning service in Singapore is affordable and reliable at all times.

1. Start from the corners or the end:

The perfect place to start your cleaning would be the corners of the room or the end of the room. Work your way to the centre for a perfect finish in the other end. When you start cleaning from the middle, it would be difficult as you would feel it takes longer to clean your home. Working your way down from one corner makes it simpler.

2. The bathroom cleaning:

The bathroom can be quite messy at times and needs a thorough clean up to avoid any potential problems like mold formation. A perfect bathroom must be free from insects, molds, and stains. To obtain a clean and dazzling bathroom, these things must be done as follows: Mirrors must be cleaned with a glass cleaner. Sink must be wiped well. Hair in shower drain must be removed also. Toilet must be cleaned with disinfectant. Lastly, open the windows to reduce moisture. For weekly chores in cleaning the bathroom, clean the bathroom tiles and walls followed by the shower glass.

3. Taking care of the kitchen:

The kitchen should be odor-free and easy to use. The greasy stove and sticky floors are the main areas of concentration in the kitchen. Use a good solution to clean the stove tops and make them lose their greasy nature. It is a good idea to clear away all unwanted clutter in your kitchen to make it more presentable and neat.

4. Choosing the right products for your kitchen:

Sometimes, we can ignore the simple things that could seem unimportant. For instance, the dishwashing liquid has harmful chemicals so it is better to handle it with a glove pair. Choose a neutral dishwashing glove that would suit your style. Choosing the products for cleaning at your home which is natural and eco-friendly is a good start to a healthy home.

5. The magic of using “8” wet mopping:

After clearing the floor from all things and dust particles, the mopping should be done. Find a good mop and always mop in the direction of the number 8. This offers a quicker cleaning and makes sure that you do not miss out anyplace in your house without cleaning. It also uses lesser efforts helping in the process.

A clean home gives you a feeling of happiness and a feeling of being refreshed. In most cultures, getting rid of unwanted things from your home and decluttering is considered as the best way to bring a positive energy to your home. Sometimes keeping your home clean and tidy could feel intimidating and hard, do not worry, there is always help around the corner. When you feel too tired to get things sorted, feel free to get help from professional cleaners. Make your space a happy one today!


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