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I don’t know about you but a gift card is the first thing I think of when buying a gift for someone. Or if I can find a deal on a gift card I will purchase it for something I may have planned in the future, like going out to eat or going to a movie with my husband. I love to save money and I try to everywhere I can.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could buy a gift card online and then earn points towards getting more of your favorite gift cards? Well you can and I did just that. I purchased a Chilis gift card from RewardTAB and they gave me 150 Tabs which are just like points that you later redeem for FREE gift cards. It’s just like getting cash back for buying gift cards and another great way to save money.


Plus I earned an additional 500 Tabs for signing up as a new member. This promotion is only valid to one per new household and expires Mar 26, 2013 11:59pm. So make sure you take advantage of this great offer. That’s a total of 650 Tabs which equals out to be $6.50 I earned in rewards towards my next FREE gift card! And all it takes is 1000 Tabs to get a $10 gift card!


Here’s how it works:

Earn cashback rewards on egift cards from over 150 of your Favorite Stores including Old Navy, Sears, Gap, Best Buy, CVS, Sephroa and more from RewadTAB!

RewardTAB is a unique loyalty platform where you earn rewards when you buy egift cards. And it does not have to be just for a gift. You can purchase them for yourself too. For example if you know your going to go spend $100 at Old Navy why not purchase the gift card from RewardTAB and earn points (Tabs) towards free gift cards. It makes so much sense. Also here is another great money saving tip: If your going to use your gift card you purchased from RewardTAB online rather than in store use your favorite cash back site to save even more money!!

First sign up here. And confirm in your email. Next click on “Buy Gift Cards”.


Now choose your gift card and amount desired. I chose Chilis. If you notice each card shows how many Tabs (points) you will earn when you make your gift card purchase. Now once you pick your card click add to cart.reret445

The next screen will tell you how many Tabs (points) you will earn and their cash value. If you signed up today you will also see the FREE 500 Tabs which show up in your cart when your checking out just like mine below.

You can see I earned 150 Tabs for purchasing my egift card and an addition 500 Tabs for new member registration. Now I am up to 650 Tabs already towards my first FREE gift card. I only need 250 more Tabs and I can redeem for a FREE $10 gift card!


Now click “Checkout Now” and complete the payment process in PayPal were you can securely pay by PayPal, or use your Debit or Credit card.

The next screen will congratulate you on the rewards you just earned. Note it will take up to 5 minutes for your reward Tabs to show up in your account.


Get Your Rewards Fast

Unlike most of the  loyalty reward programs you see all over the internet, RewardTAB users will earn their first $10 gift card much quicker because of the higher rewards.
Great Selection Of Gift Cards

Whether buying or redeeming, you will have the option to choose from a huge election of over 150 gift cards including Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Gap, Chilis, PayPal Cash and more!
NO Strings Attached 

Easily pay for your gift card with PayPal, Debit or Credit. And you will quickly receive your electronic gift cards within 24 hours.

Plus eGift cards purchased on RewardTAB never expire. Use them to purchase sale or promotional items and save even more!

Final Overview

  • All gift cards featured on RewardTAB are e-gift cards that will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase.
  • The e-gift card will be delivered to the email address you registered with on RewardTAB (the “Delivery Email”).
  • Your Delivery Email will include a link with instructions on how to redeem your eGift Card or send as a gift.
  • Treat your Delivery Email like cash. Do not forward or leave a print-out lying around. To send as a gift, use the gifting functionality embedded within the active link.

I personal think this is the best idea yet and plan to continue to save even more money by using RewardTAB!

 Enter below to WIN $25 Gift Card of your choice from RewardTab!

Disclosure I received compensation in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. Peggy Greco says

    i dont know which yet.

  2. Peggy Greco says

    I would pick Walmart or Visa gift card (s).

  3. melissa griffith says

    I would choose walmart.

  4. I subscribed to rewardTab with email nclaudia25 at yahoo dot com

  5. I would choose Amazon.

  6. Heather Rhodes Stewart says

    Walmart 🙂

  7. Mary Fagans says

    I would choose Amazon. Thank you.

  8. patti jamison says


  9. I would pick a Walmart card.

    Diana C

  10. Hope I win

  11. Crystal Walker says


  12. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    I would pick CVS or Walmart.

  13. Probably CVS as I am there at least weekly.

  14. I’d love them all lol but Amazon would be a GREAT ONE

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