Buyer’s Guide To Choosing The Most Comfy Recliners

Choosing a recliner is not easy but with our buyer’s guide, you can do it.

Buyer’s Guide To Choosing The Most Comfy Recliners

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There’s nothing quite like kicking in a comfy chair after a tough day. But finding the right seating arrangement to fit your budget and body isn’t particularly relaxing. A quality lounger needs to last 10 years at a minimum with regular use.

Here’s how to pick the perfect recliners that won’t break down under pressure.

Which is Best?

Goldilocks put it best by wondering which chair is just right. Rockers, like the traditional La-Z-Boy, rock when they are upright and they also lower completely by using a hand lever. Well-built models can be costly but they’re certainly worth it. For today’s space and style conscious shoppers, the more trendy option is the push- back model that reclines when you lean back in it. These are a bit more budget- friendly but on the downside, they won’t last as long as the chairs with levers since the mechanism tend to get more of a workout.

Another new trend is wall-saver recliners that only really require about six inches of space between the wall and chair, as opposed to a foot or more required for heavier, traditional models.

Other Makes and Models

There are also speciality chairs available, such as electric recliners and massage chairs. The massage chairs are great for people with mobility issues. But no matter what type you choose, there needs to be no more than a five inch gap between the open leg rest and the seat, otherwise pets and little hands can get caught and hurt. The same thing goes for the lever, make sure those hands won’t get pinched or stuck inside.

Try Before You Buy

A reclining chair is like a pair of shoes – they are certainly important but comfort is key. When shopping, have the family who will spend the most time on the chair go along with you and each sit in the chair for a few minutes. Consider these questions:

  • Can my feet touch the floor when the back is completely upright?
  • Will the headrest support my neck and head?
  • How is the cushioning?
  • Are there any bumpy parts in the seat and back?
  • Does the foam have a density rating of 1.9 or higher? This will ensure the seat keeps its shape for a lot longer.

Be sure to listen for any squeaks that could indicate improper alignment or loose parts.

Fabrics and Make-Up

Chairs upholstered in leather tend to be the most durable. It’s also the most expensive. If you do want leather, choose a thick, top-grain variety. If you’d rather have a suede-like feel, choose synthetic microfiber that will resist wrinkling and moisture. Don’t forget to choose a fabric that has been rubbed at least 10,000 times.

Be cautious of vinyl materials – they may look and feel like leather and cost less, but it’s a lot less pliable and prone to cracking. Wool is the fabric of choice as it is long- lasting and stain-resistant.

Focusing on Frame

Typically, it’s the non-moving parts of the chair that tend to break. So look underneath the chair or at least ask to see photos, samples, or videos. You want to lookout for heavy-duty screws and stay away from plastic fasteners. Also check for low-quality pressboard that is not going to withstand the motion of the recliner and won’t last the test of time. Go for hardwood, instead. It costs a bit more, but it will last alot longer.

Finally, make sure your purchase comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee that spans at least three years.

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